Finals 3 FIT Championship Apollo

Anyone know why the 2 Blue high rungs didn’t count? I was sitting on the opposite side and couldn’t see… Either way, Vikes and Appreciate really gave them a run for their money!

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An alliance member on blue was on the ground touching the hanging members. Thus, the two climbed robots were counted as being supported by the ground.


You’re right here but its just to clear it up not that they were supported your not allowed to contact a robot contacting the ground

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That sucks. That would have been my best guess. Thanks for letting me know

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The ref made the call at the end of the video as you can clearly see soon after the buzzer. As an alliance we were most definitely excited to see the end score and us having two robots on high which would have been a one point victory. We were surprised(and of course disappointed) to see the no climb call by the referee and soon the score being posted.

My drivers will ask at the next tournament, “If a robot is swinging and it touches a robot in the process, is this supported?” and “Is the time for any amount of the five second period after the buzzer?”

Congrats to FRC 6800, FRC 148 and FRC 1745 on a hard fought battle to the bitter end for the gold medal and the win.

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The rules state touching (edit: “contacting”), not supported, so the answer to your first question is likely “no”, but in the eyes of the rules it doesn’t matter. Also the timeframe is “5 seconds after T=0 or when all movement has stopped” - so when the lights on the alliance wall start to blink it’s essentially a freezeframe snapshot at that point.

It’s really unfortunate in this case for you guys and I’m sorry that an edge case soured your experience right at the end.

I would not say it soured my teams experience. My kids were disappointed but also excited to be in the finals and playing at that level of play. It was great prep for all of the teams there for Champs in the same building we will be playing in next week.

Thanks for the reminder on snapshot in time related to the flashing lights.


Just to be clear when you are asking at the driver’s meeting, the relevant info to this topic (that jckwik is referring to) is under 6.4.1 “Point Values”, not any game rule:

A ROBOT may only earn points for a single RUNG. To qualify for HANGAR points from a given RUNG, a ROBOT may only be contacting:
• RUNG(S) at that level or higher (i.e. the level is determined by the lowest RUNG with which a
ROBOT is in contact),
• truss structure,
• guardrails,
• an opponent ROBOT, and/or
• another ROBOT qualified for any HANGAR points, including those awarded per violation of G208.

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You guys still played a great game. We got to play with some of your “sister teams” but it would have been great to get a chance to play with you! See you at Worlds!

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At one of our our events we had a high climb disqualified. Our team member went to the question box to ask why.

The HR stated that we were contacting another robot on our alliance that wasn’t on a rung. Which was the correct answer.

I replied “They were contacting us!” They laughed and said it doesn’t matter. Which was the correct answer.

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To paraphrase Newton…

For every contact (in the hanger) there is an equal and opposite contact.


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