finalToon help

i did the first and second tutorials for finalToon - as far as i needed to go to cover all the features i plan on using - but i’m having trouble re-creating those effects in a more complex scene.

what i want to do is have each object a solid color, and have black lines around them.

i set the finalToon materials to all of the objects with the colors i wanted. i set lines to appear under the global environment settings, with “visible fold”, “visible cease”, and “visible intersection” checked off.

the tetra is the only object that has any lines, and only some of them show up. here is an example picture i have created with the tetra, plus a “box” (it doesnt look like one without the lines)

the visible intersections and etc. are the things that really show up. the visible angles are any time that there is a bend in the object. make sure that the angle is between 0 and 90. that way, you should get the hard angles and not the shallower ones, like the bends in the cylinder. i THINK that should do it…