Financial Services & Robotics Job Opportunities


In addition to serving as a mentor for team 3419, my day job is running all of the technology for equities investing at AllianceBernstein. AB is a global leader in investment management, and I’m currently looking for three new members of my team. Each of these roles are exciting job opportunities in and of themselves, and they all come with an added bonus: The ability to fulfill your passion for robots by working alongside us as FRC mentors. Here are the roles:

  1. A junior quantitative developer who will work closely with our quant team to develop risk and return models. The work is mostly SQL and C#, with Matlab, R, and Qlikview skills being useful as well. A strong understanding of mathematics is required. This job has future career paths towards either becoming a quantitative analyst, or moving towards a more technical developer role.

  2. A technical portfolio management specialist. This role requires a technologist to work with our portfolio managers to build technical solutions to their problems. Important skills include Excel, SQL, C++, Java, and C#. This job has a future career path in portfolio management, or moving towards a more technical developer role.

  3. A junior pure developer who will work on our portfolio implementation systems. The work is C++, SQL, and Java. This job has a future career path definitively in a technical direction.

For each of these jobs, we’re looking for people who are recent college graduates, or up to a few years’ worth of professional experience. Knowledge of the financial industry is not required, but excellent communications skills are an absolute must.

The first and second jobs are in midtown Manhattan, NYC. The third job could be just about anywhere, working remotely, although it would require occasional travel to NYC.

The compensation range for each of these jobs is between $80,000 and $120,000 annually.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please private-message me, and I will send along some more details about the jobs.


Somewhat related question, what makes these sort of jobs “robotics”? My father is a contract analyst in the financial sector and keeps forwarding me all these “robotics” job postings which seem to be fairly straightforward database management or developer jobs like the ones you’ve posted. What’s the distinction?

Good question. The job itself has nothing to do with robotics. However, my company sponsors and mentors two FRC teams, and one of them has their workshop right in our corporate office. So what the job offers is the ability to pursue a career in finance and/or IT, while providing an avenue to do robotics on the side, in a way that is sponsored and encouraged by your employer.

For me personally, this has been the best of both worlds. My career has always been towards finance because I enjoy the subject matter, the technical challenges that come with it, and, quite frankly, the compensation, which can be quite a bit higher than a robotics engineering job. But I am truly passionate about building robots, and this has provided me with a way to fulfill that. In addition, having my partners at work be my partners in robots has helped me to build some incredible team relationships - I know we are better at both things because of the time we spend together in both arenas.