Find Prices for Items in KOP

Any centralized document to find the prices of items listed in the KOP? A lot of the websites require you to make an account, request a quote etc. (E.g. UNWRAP Cable Ties (4 in., 18lb, white, bag of 100) by BURNDY LLC)

Is there some reason why you need to know the prices?

Just for inventory purposes

If the item is not available from a retail distributor (such as Graybar, etc) then it gets kind of complicated. But the cable ties, fortunately, are available from some retailers.{Color:Natural}&{Duty%20Rating:Miniature}&{Length:4%20in.}&{Tensile%20Strength%20(Pound):18}&{Material:Nylon%206.6}&{Bundle%20Diameter:0.75%20%20in.}

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Thank you so much!

The best bet is probably to search for the specific part number. There are going to be things you just can’t find the price of, because they’re not really for sale anywhere. Fortunately, there isn’t any need to account for them, unless it’s an item that was in a previous KoP, and you are still allowed to use it on your robot. That’s where it gets real “fun”.

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