Finding a bigger work space

This year our team worked out of my garage and after one season of that we wish not to do it again because of just the lack of space. Our school has pretty much shunned us when it comes to providing a place to work. What I was wondering is for those teams who work in warehouses or industrial parks how do you pay for it or was it donated? I am thinking about a 1000 sq ft place would be good for our team.

Also I have heard great stories about teams getting extremely expensive peices of CNC hardware (Mills, lathes, plasma tables, and water jets) How would one go about doing something like that? I have tried sending and email a few times to several different companies with zero replies.

We worked out of a garage until a few years ago, where we started renting out a small area in a strip mall. That may be something you might look into.

Also, CNC machines are nice, but you don’t have to have one, we actually don’t really use CAD because we don’t currently have feasible access to that kind of machinery.

lol for CAD all you need is a computer with internet access.

The problem of space is a hard one. We use a workshop that was graciously provided for us by Salem Community College. But most the high schools that our students go to don’t even seem interested in what we’re doing. I’d suggest if you have any big sponsors, to try asking them for some resources.