Finding a First-Resort Technical Helper for Worlds

Dear Chief Delphi Community,
I am starting this thread as a plea for help, I am team 876’s programming mentor/ tech person. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I will not be able to attend worlds. I am extremely reluctant to send the team off to St. Louis without a tech person. I realize fully that there are LOTS of technical resources available to teams at the world championship, but there is very little professional help at the code end. And here in lies my question: Is there anyone that will be going to worlds, that I can forward and go over our code with, and is willing to help our team (as the first resource) if a large programming issue/rewrite were to take place? We have our code nailed down pretty good, the only thing that has a tendency to change consistently is autonomous routines. Hopefully anyone that steps in will never need to be called over. And while I am confident in other teams being able to help, I would rather have an initial contact that is familiar with our code as it currently stands.
In short I am trying to create a list of contacts that can be used in event of catastrophe. If there is enough people that decide that helping 876 out here is an act of gracious professionalism, there is bound to be a person or two within the division we fall in.

P.S. We use Labview.

Thanks to any and all responders,

LabVIEW is my specialty. I’ll be one of the Spare Parts attendants (except Wednesday), and if anyone wants to bring their code over to that corner of the pits I will be happy to help.

I am attending champs with 5413 as a spectator/strategist but I would love to help out if anything is needed.

If you are interested, PM and I’ll give you my number to be passed on to your team.

Hello from FRC 2468 - Our team programs in LabView. We will have a few students assisting with a LabView presentation at the Robotics Conference. Please feel free to PM for contact information.

Best of luck to you and your team.


I’m happy to volunteer some support from 900. We have a lot of student programmers and a couple of mentors who can provide assistance. We’re well versed in LabView.

Team 144 is certainly willing to help as well. LV users, too.

Team 1619 has programmed in Labview every year except this one and would be more than happy to lend a hand if you need it!

973 can help with any mechanical issues.

1710 has a team of dedicated programmers. We could get someone to you any time you need, and would be glad to do so.

1678 is more than happy to help with anything you need, ask for Devin or Anthony. I personally would love the chance to help out more teams with mechanical needs or emergency repairs(which empirically I’ve found I am disturbingly good at). Our programmers do not know Labview but our electrical team is knowledgeable and typically available.

I am pretty sure we have a student or two who are pretty good at lab view. Just run on over to our pits and I am sure we can find someone to help you.
PM me if you want more contact info from our team. I am sure at worlds there will be plenty of people to help your team out.

Wow, thanks for all the offers, FIRST truly is a great organization.

I am not entirely sure of how the pits are going to be laid out this year, a lot has changed since I last attended in 2011. I can’t imagine that I’d be too different so there are bound to be several divisions within close proximity of one another.

I feel that there is so much to be gained by just having other teams go over ideas with each other, it really is unfortunate that 876 is sending the skeleton crew/ inexperienced crew, this would be a tremendous opportunity to dig ourselves out of the programming rut I have slowly been climbing out over during the 2012-2014 seasons while I was lead student programmer.

Since I will not be attending and our lead student programmer is on drive-team we do not have any “seasoned” programmers to go over code with you guys, so it’ll have to stick to an “in event of emergency” setup.

We are golden in terms of mechanical and electrical, we have some amazing mentors going with that know their stuff. I don’t foresee that ever being a problem. Thanks for the offers though.

There are other niches in the team that I fill that will be void during worlds, as tempting as it is to get input and mentorship from other teams for these specific roles, it is probably best to try and “force” the students to solve them on their own, (the students at least LOOK capable :smiley: ).