Finding Coordinates of "The Blob"

When the camera sees a “blob” of some specified color, it sends back a packet of information (“T-packet”). This packet has info about “the blob’s” size, location on-screen (x and y axis), probability that this is your wanted colored object etc.

What I’d like to know is where I can learn more about using this “T-packet”. How can I get the x and y coordinates of the center of the color blob? There are a ton of commands for this type of thing in the camera’s manual. However, are these able to be used in C? What kind of syntax do you use with them? Where are they declared or initialized?

Any info at all about the details of manipulating info from the camera would be much appreciated!!!

Jatheon :confused:

well, if center of the target it sees is cam.x and cam.y :). If you want to send commands, use their function to do so

i have the same question as jatheon, i am bit new to the cmu cam and programming. i have downloaded the code and going through it. can anyone help me how should i go further(that is which IDE should i use to modify code, a brief tutorial bout its coding etc…). I want to know the coordinates of the blob or the centroid of the blob. is it possible to find the coordinates of the blob in real time while tracking??

i would appreciate if anyone can help me out.


At the beginning of the season all of us pondered over the same thing you are. Look back into the CMUcam forum and you will see the most common problems, other people’s codes and explanations to what you are asking. Additionally, you can look into a white paperMike Sorrenti posted from 237. It is their robot code which successfully capped a goal.

Heh, I didn’t use the x and y coordinates in my code.

It looks like you too guys (Brijkalani and Jatheon) aren’t on a FIRST team. We use the MPLAB IDE which is meant for the PIC microchip series. You might wanna take a look at some of the programming references on the IFI Robotics website. Also, this PDF file looks like it will have some information to help you.

EDIT: My bad, Jatheon is on a team.