Finding Gearboxes

Where can we get gearboxes for this year’s motors? Mainly the FP, Globe and the other small motors?

I know that sells a fp planetary gearbox, as for the other motors, im not sure.

for the other motors you could try banebots they might have it for the globe im not sure though.
you could try this too

Banebots has gearboxes for the RS540 and RS550 Motors ,


-The CIM motor can be used for the toughbox that is provided in the kit. (Banebots have transmissions available for them as well)
-The two FP motors comes with a gearbox (it’s black). Like others suggested you can use the AM planetary.
-The two Globe motors already have gearbox on them (the black part on it is a gearbox).
-Like Lynca pointed out above, the RS540 and RS550 Motor gearboxes can be found on the Banebot site.
-All rest of the motors have a gearbox with them as well.

If you need additional reductions, use sprockets and chains, pulleys and belts, or a custom made gearbox. I hope this helps. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your team soon.

i’ve ordered the, from automationdirect.