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Hey there, I was putting together a Solidworks course and I’ve had some trouble finding the cad models for 973’s RAMP west coast drive. In the video, Adam says that they will post the cad, yet I can’t find it I really just need the parts that he doesn’t make in the videos such as the bearing blocks, gears, etc. any thoughts.

It’s also possible to find the parts he’s using on the website of the vendors he sources from. To my knowledge, all components come from either VEX, AndyMark, WCP, or McMaster-Carr.

I’ll probably end up doing that for most of the parts but for items like the bearing blocks they are of there own designe.

If all you’re after are some small-ish components like bearing blocks, it’s nowhere near impossible to reverse engineer them. Bearing blocks especially have a pretty limited scope and almost all of their dimensions are derived from the geometry of the parts they match.

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The CAD models of the COTS version of the bearing blocks are made by Westcoast Products and can be found at the bottom of this page.

Direct download:
Gearbox bearing block
Sliding bearing block


We loved the RAMP videos and looked for for the part files too. I thought about contacting Adam for info. Then I figured it was a good exercise to work through ourselves if we were paying attention. Yes, Adam used custom Blocks I’d like to study, but we adapted the WCD to use the VEX blocks. This makes the students (and myself) understand the concepts which is more valuable than the geometry. Now we are building it as a preseason project.

If you would like a guide where we use the COTS items you can reference for your own training our full guide is below. We do reference a few other sources such as Adam’s videos but we point directly to COTS items as the standard. 7890 Sequence was a rookie team in NC this year that found success following our video series:

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