Finding myself quite confused...

Im took a look at the EDUrobot program and got a headache. Im thoroughly confused. I was just getting adjusted to the previous method. Need help. I don’t know what im doing anymore. (as if I knew before):frowning: :confused:

I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the EDU bot program yet…where can I get it? (My team hasn’t gotten around to the edubot yet…not enough time…) Is the EDU bot program in PBasic?:confused:

check the innovation first site it shows the default program it looks different, Im not sure it is so it might just be the same.

ok well I guess im just rusty it is starting to make sense… any need to know information though would be greatly appreciated…Oh can I still program it the same way?

I am not a programmer but I’m guessing it’s different because the EduBot uses servo-type motors instead of PWM controlled normal DC motors.

There is quite literally no differences between programming the mini-RC and the big-RC–just make sure you flip the switch from “tether” to “program.”

Anyway, the PWM outputs have a fourth pin for power, but from a software standpoint are no different than regular DC motors.

The only new things are the addition of autonomous mode and user mode. Under autonomous mode (accessed by setting your team number to 0), the OI only sends 127 (for analogs) and 0(for switches) to the RC. Whether are not you are in this mode can be determined from one of the bits of comp_mode, but I can’t remember which–just check the documentation.

You enter user_mode when the OI is set to display user data (by pressing the select button repeatedly). In this mode, out8-out15 each correspond to a bit of the value that is displayed on the OI instead of corresponding to LEDs.

There’s also an “oscillator” output, but I don’t really know what it does or what types of devices could be hooked up to it. Any electrical people want to shed some light on this?


Everyone says that you should look at the default code. But it hasn’t been at Innovation First’s website for atleast 2 months now. I have been been trying to download it but they keep pushing back the release date. Now it’s at December 1st. Is there any other place I can download a beginner’s guide to PBASIC?

What default code do you need? The EduRobot code is posted there, and the full RC code from last year is available at the codex under 2002 code in the code repository.

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**There’s also an “oscillator” output, but I don’t really know what it does or what types of devices could be hooked up to it. Any electrical people want to shed some light on this?

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The oscillator output should match up with the frequency required by a polaroid distance sensor. Just what you need to automatically fire your pick axe when your opponent… Ooops, I meant just what you need to latch your grapple when the goal is close enough.

Other pieces which I might guess at- The previous OI was capable of Team #s in excess of 999, it just wouldn’t display them correctly. I suspect there is minimal change in functionality with the ‘new’ OI. We have used the mini-robot controller in our ‘other robots’ for several competitions. The basic coding is all the same, you are just missing half the outputs and inputs.

Norm Muzzy