Finding new teams

I seem to have more experience finding new teams than most people, so I’ll tell my experiences.

I was with Team 45, TechnoKats for about seven years while working with Delphi in Kokomo, Indiana. Then I was offered, and accepted an early retirement. Since I don’t really like cold and snow, I have become a “snow bird” in Florida. I wanted to continue working with a FIRST team, so this is what I did:

My first “winter home” was in central Florida, about 10 miles west of Disney Orlando. I looked over the team lists on the FIRST web site and picked out some nearby teams that I might want to work with. I wrote a short resume/letter of introduction and sent it to a few teams. I obtained contact information for some teams from their team web sites, and got my letter forwarded to other teams through FIRST. It turned out that FIRST keeps contact information “secret” and was not particularly helpful in my search, but I got it done. One of my letters went to Andy Knutson who was a coordinator for Disney teams, and he provided contact information for Team 1062, a rookie team in Celebration. I worked with that team last year. While we had few resources, we had a good core group and it was a good experience.

Fast forward about half a year–I took a mini-vacation to the Cocoa Beach area, and it was obvious to me that I’d really rather be near the coast. I sold my place in central FL, bought a condo in Cape Canaveral, and was again searching for a team. I contacted two teams, both of which were very receptive to having another person with FIRST experience on their team. I have joined Team 233. Our pink beast is in its crate, and I’m look forward to our soon-to-begin competition season consisting of the UCF and NYC regionals, and the national event. I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon, and plan to work with this team for years to come.

My experience in finding teams can be summarized this way. If you have FIRST experience, especially with an established team like Team 45, other teams will be more than happy to welcome you and put you to work.

and we are VERY glad that you decided to join the REAL MEN WEAR PINK team. it’s been great so far and the best is yet to come. 2 more days…


We miss you, man. Your experience is very valuable. Not too many people can say that they have been in this FIRST journey as long as you have.

Kudos to 233 for getting Kit as a Pink team-er.

Andy B.

Kit, you’ve been an asset to OUR PINK TEAM!!

You stepped up to bat and definitely hit a homerun… Wait… scratch that…
you stepped up to the platform, and definitely grabbed the bar.

Yeah, that’s much better.

THanks for a great year, and be ready to party hardy in Atlanta.

Kit is one of the coolest guys I know. He has been involved with FIRST for a long time. His dedication and input has really helped the PINK team. A definite candidate for the Woodie Flowers Award, or at least an Unsung FIRST Hero. :cool:

Nationals is going to be a lot of fun! Atlanta or bust!

I can’t jump high enough to grab the bar, but I can touch it from the platform.
On a more serious note, I really enjoy working with the PINK team, and appreciate the compliments from the team members who have posted.

I’m definitely glad you found our team Kit. If it weren’t for you, I’d have never found a boxing partner in New York :D. I hope we get to have some more fun in Atlanta and hopefully bring home the gold too.

See ya there!

I wish he had added one number to the team list and joined 233 +1 but maybe Indianapolis wasn’t far enough south for him.

Kit is still a TechnoKat. He is just “acting” like he is on the Pink team. You see, we TechnoKats targeted team 233 as one of those “powerhouse” teams that everyone wants to beat. We sent Kit down there, acting like he retired from Delphi and was looking for a new team to be on. Kit is our “spy”. Next year, we are sending him out west. Maybe he’ll be a Cheesy Poof or a Beach Bot… we shall see.

Our plan is coming together. When we meet 233 in the finals in Atlanta, Kit will show his true colors and put on the ol’ blue and red. I even hear that he’s gonna paint his face like DJ.


Andy B.

/edit… oh, shoot… did I think this or actually type it?/