Finding pressure in air tank

We have an air compressor, air tank, pressure switch and we do not have a pressure sensor and we want to avoid using solenoids. Can anyone suggest any strategies we could use to get pressure readings in PSI? We are using Java.

I think what you are looking for is a pressure transmitter.

You could use this to monitor your system. You do not have to use the switch portion…

You could use your voucher to help cover the costs.

Please re-read the pneumatic manual an verify you have all the needed components. to pass inspection.

You can use an Analog Pressure Sensor from REV to get pressure as an analog input.

While the pneumatic manual is helpful for learning how to set up an FRC pneumatic system, it’s not the rules. You’ll want to verify that your system meets the pneumatics section of the robot rules, §10.9 R81-R94

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Sorry pre-coffee … should of put game and season manual…

@anikal2001 what he said

I am sorry but why do you not want to use solenoids? The minimum pneumatic system requires a gauge for both stored pressure and working pressure. What you are suggesting is a pneumatic system in which a cylinder (or multiple cylinders) are active all the time. while that is isn’t strictly prohibited it does violate the rule that says during inspections your robot system should be at or very near to zero activity/energized state. Can you explain what you are trying to achieve?


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