Finding robot start position using API's

Is there a way to use either TBA API or the FIRST API to find the starting position of the robot?

The best you could do is find the alliance and driver station. The drivers decide where the robot starts exactly when they place it on the field. Unless that’s changed this year, in which case someone please correct me.


If you are at an event that uses Zebra MotionWorks trackers, you can query the start position of all robots from the TBA API using the /match/{match_key}/zebra_motionworks query.

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Does that work live, during a match?

No, the Zebra MotionWorks data is posted after the match.

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That’s what I thought… (Disclosure: I work at Zebra, so that was kind of a leading question) I believe the data could be made available with minimal lag through FMS if FIRST wanted to do so, but it might make locating a robot too easy.

Edit: also I realize the topic is scouting so I misread the question :stuck_out_tongue:

You might be able to localize using an April tag.

Not the question that was asked, I’m afraid. This is a scout asking if there’s a way to go through publicly-available data and find robot starting location for a given robot in a given match.

If I remember right, that sort of data can be very spotty. 2019 had the possibility (Hab 2 or Hab 1); the last game before that to have any sort of option would have been 2014 (goalie or not goalie). 2010 would give a team’s favorite zone but not where they were, and maybe 2009 would have been able to do it.

I say that, but then I remember that in order to do that you’d have to either enter the data or assign a driver station to a starting zone. And that… let’s just say I don’t recall the last time that’s been done, if it ever was.

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