Finding team contacts

I thought I had asked this before but can’t find the thread. Anyway…

Is there any way to find the team contact information for registered teams? I see that there is a rookie team nearby and we would like to offer assistance but I don’t know how to contact them other than call the high school. I’ve had bad luck with that approach in the past - frequently since they are new teams noone at the high school even knows they have a robotics team. Also just to coordinate logistics it would be nice to have the contact information on all of the local teams.

Has anyone requested this type of information before?

I’d suggest contacting the FIRST regional director. Unfortunately, that section of the site appears to not be available right now, so hopefully you already know who that is.

Yes I know him, and actually I asked him and he sent me the information just now. But I thought I remembered there being somewhere on TIMS or something that you could get the information directly.

On TIMS when you log in and then click into your team, on the right side you can type in a team number and it will give you the team contact info, at least what that person has released to be available.

AHAH! That’s what I was looking for, I was just on the wrong page. Thanks Jimmy.