Finding Team Numbers/Names

Does anyone know of a good place to find team names and numbers (like TBA but for FLL)? Currently am using FIRST’s team and event search to try and match numbers to names ( but either I’m using it wrong or it’s broken, since no results are displayed. Thanks in advance!

The link you provided seems to be working for me. Note that this is an “or” search, so putting in one word is better than several. Putting a two word phrase in quotes didn’t help; it found teams which matched either word. E.g. “bayou builders” found 226 teams, but **bayou **only one.

For FLL, the FIRST website is essentially all you get. Make sure you’re clicking the “team” button at the beginning and in the appropriate year range.

What do you mean by this? The only search parameters I seem to be able to input are the location, program type, year, etc after I select either “team” or “event”. (I seem to remember at some point there was a keyword search, but I can’t access it for some reason) Thanks!

It seems to work for me.

Resolved it: page doesn’t load on Mac but works fine on pc for some reason. Thanks everyone!