Finding the Camera; IO Card firmware

I have a couple of questions that somebody probably can answer.

I’m attempting to get the camera set up and working, but I can’t find it! My network is working with the classmate and dev pc both plugged into the router, which is wireless to the adapter & cRIO.

The way I understand the docs, resetting (i.e. hold the button until blinking) on the camera should reset its IP to a default So I plugged it directly into the PC with the orange crossover cable, and changed my pc IP address to However, I still couldn’t ping Any ideas would be appreciated, though I’ll work on this a little more when I have some time to mess around.

Second question: The docs on programming the PSoC have me baffled on this sentence (Control System Ch.2 section 11): “browse to where you saved FRC_IO.v1.hex, and select the FRC_IO.v2.hex file.” I don’t know what the deal is, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about these imaginary files ANYWHERE. If anyone could tell me WHAT and WHERE they are, it would be appreciated :confused:

Thanks a lot for any help! -2779.

The hex file is at: All Users/Documents/FRC_IO.v2.hex
Do you have the Driver Station Update installed?
There is an issue with the PSoC sw that may require reinstallation.

How are the camera status lights?
Possibly a conflict with multiple PC network cards.

Thanks for the location of the PSoC firmware. However, I still can’t find the camera. It’s last year’s axis camera, and I’ve tried resetting it many times. I simply connect it to my computer, disable the wireless connection, leaving only local area, and set IP to Still haven’t been able to ping the camera with this configuration. I tried setting my IP to 10.xx.xx.5 and trying to ping what might have been our old address, but to no avail.

Thanks for any help! -2779.

Did you reset the camera by pulling the power, then holding the reset button while plugging the power back in and continuing to hold until you got the orange light around the lens?

Do you have it mounted with the reset button up against the back, possibly being pressed constantly (had a team with that problem tonight).

The camera address shouldn’t ever be changed from, but you never know. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things with your PC.

Thanks Mark, holding the reset button while plugging the camera in did the trick. We’re completely up and running now.