Finding the current static IP of roboRio

At the state championship last week, the FTAs informed me that they changed the IP address of our roboRio to a static address. They did this to overcome connection issues, and I don’t really care whether the roboRio’s IP is static or mDNS. But how can I determine the address that the FTAs set our roboRio to?

My guess is 10.TE.AM.2 (i.e. for team 4004). That’s what it usually gets anyway from the DHCP server, and the DS checks for that address, so I can’t think of a reason they would set it to something else. Also, if you tether over USB, you should be able to access the Rio web dashboard at and see the network settings there.

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The Rio web dashboard doesn’t have much these days, but you can see (and change) the Rio IP address there.

Pretty sure we meant to say that we set your laptop to a static IP, not the roborio. Check the current IP of the computer for if it is a static IP or not.

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Ok, I won’t have access to our hardware until the weekend, but I’ll definitely check that, thanks.

I was one of the FTAs on DTE with you, I believe from what I remember that your drive station computer was not identifying the Field network(windows was stuck saying “Identifying”), so to speed up the process we(either Alex, myself, or one of the FTAA on the field at the time) went into network settings and set the adapter to use a static IP of the form 10.TE.AM.##, the last octet doesn’t really matter too much, as long as it isn’t also being used by another device. The Rio is always on 2, so you can’t use that one. To change the computer back so it will work on other networks than the Field FMS, just click both the “Obtain an IP address automatically” button and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” button in the properties for the network adapter that was used on the field(one of the ethernet network devices.

I think the usb ip is

USB is always as stated above.

Static IP assignments for the RoboRio should be 10.TE.AM.2 as this is what DHCP would give out.

A good way to recover the IP of a device if unknown is by using software called nmap. You would scan all network segments for any live hosts while plugged into the device directly from your computer.

Off the top of my head, I cannot remember what it actually is, but:

The driverstation has a protocol for retrieving the current roborio ip address (gradleRIO uses this to deploy)

You could write a program to poll this and display the address

mDNS would only work if you could get the laptop on an IP that would be able to connect anyway. If you don’t know the static IP, getting a connectable IP on the ds side might be impossible. USB always works, do that’s the recommendation, and by far the easiest way.

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