Finding the girls teams.

As a result of the recent thread on single sex teams, I want to find all female teams associated with FRC. Not for any particular reason at this point, mostly out of curiosity. Am I a missing any?

433 Firebirds
2177 Robettes
2340 Xcentrics Robotics
2881 Lady Cans
3103 Iron Plaid
3182 Athena’s Warriors
3504 Girls of Steel

1868 Space Cookies

I also believe 771 SWAT is an all girls team.

1547 Where’s Waldo

2528 the RoboDoves from Western High in Baltimore.
They were also one of the featured teams in the Gearing Up documentary.

709 Femme Teche Fatal

2265 Fe Maidens

and towmsend harris has a rookie girl’s team this year

You can add 2781, RoboPRIDE, to the list.

677, Murphy’s Outlaws.

Einstein’s Daughters, an FTC team. Having trouble finding which team # they are though.

Fembots 692 Sacramento, CA
There also used to be the Foxybots 1929 which was the girls team from the same highschool (Montclair, NJ) as 555

362, Muses, Los Angeles

There was another team in the 900s in L.A., but I haven’t seen them competing in quite a few years. (Last time I remember is 2004; doesn’t mean they didn’t compete later.)

3759 SMArt Bots I believe. They were a rookie team next to us at the LA regional.

They are FTC Team 32.

Another all-girls FTC team is Team 311, Fembots from Williamston, SC.

Both teams have consistently won the Inspire Award (FTC equivalent to Chairman’s Award)

1700 Gatorbotics
1967 Janksters
1159 Ramona Rampage

That’s all I can think of in this area that haven’t already been mentioned.

Adding on to CallieJ’s list:

Presentation Invasion 2135

Adding to EricH in the LA Area:

Royal Robotrons 1070 (this is the first year they didn’t compete)

2399, Team HB, Hathaway Brown (Cleveland area).

2399 HB robotics (mentored by MORT alumni)

edit: beat to it sorry

SWAT 771 from St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School in Oakville Ontario Canada.

They were great hosts for a Robotics Symposium last fall.

2437 - Lancer Robotics, Sacred Hearts Academy from Honolulu, HI