Finger Lake Regionals:

Thank You Finger Lakes Regional from Team 20.

You could not write a better script for Team 20 the Rocketeers. It was one of the best regional we participated in. That is saying a lot from a team that has been around since 1992. It was not just that our alliance ff the Tigertronics, X-Cats and The Artic Warriors won it is also how well we connected with the other teams, judges and even the inspectors. We came into the tournament with what we thought was a great robot. Well our robot was two inches too long. We did not read all of the rule updates. Our team was mad but I told them those inspectors are a big apart of why we won. If we went all the way to the finals with an illegal Robot we could have been disqualified. So thank you for picking that up on Wednesday and not on Saturday. On the last preliminary round our robot controller was accidentally damaged by another robot. The service area had no more to sell. We needed a Robot controller. Not one team but two teams came to our rescue. Team 191 The X-Cats and Team 2053 Tigertronics came forward. Tigertronics said they might have one that we could use and the X-Cats had one back at the school. When the weather was at its worse with freezing rain the X-Cats had somebody in a car ready to go if Tigertronics did not have a spare we could use. Tigertronics came through! We got our robot working like new. Our scouts not knowing what had transpired with the X-Cats and Tigertronics had X-Cats as there number one pick and Tigertronics as our number two pick (no kidding). The facility was beautiful and we really enjoyed being in our own state. I would like thank everybody for graciously tolerating us in the pit area. We were on the hot corner and it seem like there was a Team 20 person always in somebody’s way. Thank you Team 174 coming in as late replacement in the finals after the X-Cats went down. Thank you Team 250 for supporting us. It was nice seeing you holding up the 20 sign.

Those elimination matches were AWESOME

semi final of 365-1507-145 vs 191-20-2053 were wicked exciting

congrats to all the award winners!!
especially chairman’s winners team GRR, and champions 191,20,2053,174
Good luck in Atlanta!

That was a great regional for us too. On Thursday we were having problems turning and our wheels were binding when we were attempting to turn. We went over to team 20 which we noticed earlier also had mecanum wheels and asked them what the problem was. A few members of their team came over, helped us find our problem and how to fix it and after that we turned great. Then they selected us for their third alliance partner and the rest is in their post.

Thank you 20, 191 and 174!

I must say this years FLR was the best on imo so far. I was a little upset that we got knocked out in the semies. I wonder what would of happened if we though of replacing the springs in the flip-o-matic so our hybrid would of knocked off the track ball. Oh well at least we got beaten by the alliance that beat everyone else.

FLR was very competitive this year it was awesome! I’m disappointed we got knocked out of eliminations so early, but I am glad it was by an amazing alliance. I guess I can’t complain winning Chairman’s feel very good and thanks for the support MOE it meant a lot!

If we can keep up the great comraderie all the teams have each year the Finger Lakes Regional can be one of the best or even the best environment for a competition to date. I think one of the reasons we have a great experience other than the great RIT facility or the great setup, it’s the great committee and volunteers that planned it out and made everything run so smoothly each year. Be part of the solution and volunteer next year!

Also we’re fortunate to have a tight knit FIRST community in the Rochester area.