Finger Lakes Regional Harlem Shake Videos Wanted!

Does anyone have additional videos of when the entire Finger Lakes Regional did the Harlem Shake?? (It was done just before Alliance Selections)

I uploaded my recording, but was hoping to do some sort of compilation if anyone captured the webcast, or videos from different points in the arena. If you do have one, if you could post and/or PM me, I’d greatly appreciate it!!

The funny thing is, I think I was close to the point of thinking the Harlem Shake was bordering on one of those annoying trends… but Eric apparently got so many requests for it, that he decided to get the entire event to do it, and I must say, from standing down on the field, it was almost chilling!! Everyone just went about their business while he went all wacky… and then all of a sudden the ENTIRE ARENA Erupted!!! I panned around as best I could, but it was just insane to see everyone go nuts.

I was speaking with Kate (one of the FLR VC’s) and she apparently was up on the upper level when this started and said it was absolutely crazy to see the whole place go nuts.

Hope everyone had as much fun as it looked - and if anyone has any videos, let me know!! Thanks!

Did I give you my footage from it already?