Finger Lakes Regional: Rookie Forum

Hi, I’m a rookie.

(chorus of people saying “Hi, Rookie”)

I have this forum here so any rookies going to the Finger Lakes Regional (you can refer to it as the FLR) can ask questions or learn about other rookie teams. With our combined intellect, we can do awesome things!

Oh yeah, I have a question: What is the purpose of the “Human Players?”

I have added a poll to this thread.
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Use the poll to see what you are up against.
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(Just noticed that I named this thread ‘forum.’ why?!?!? [facepalm] )

Hi, Rookie! :{D

Nominally, get a ball into play.

Strategically, part of a “inbound to robot, robot-to-robot pass, truss shot to human player, inbound to 3rd robot, score” cycle.

Less obviously, any balls leaving the field are returned to the nearest human player. Which may mean back to the starting end of the field, if there isn’t a human player near your scoring end of the field.

So, the human player only puts the balls into the arena, right? Also, there are two human players per team or per alliance?

There is 1 human player per team so 3 for an alliance. Generally you put one with the pedestal, and 1 in each of the two boxes.

To not get G40’s. Oh and to occasionally put balls onto the field/into robot. But mainly to not get G40’s. That is their primary purpose.


Good, because I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough people (I have 3 or 4 people coming to the FLR).

I am a member of another rookie team going to FLR this year. We are super exited and hope that we will be ready. This is going to be a tough regional with the high level of robots competing.

One question we had was about judging for awards. Do the judges just cycle around from pit to pit talking to teams? We were wondering if we needed to always have someone in the pits ready to talk to the judges if they happen to come by.

You should always have student(s) in your pits; at least for our team, we usually also have at least 1 mentor as well.

That’ll be a problem for my team, as we only have a few people. (did I post something like this earlier?)

You did, but judges are very understanding and try to avoid going to teams that are out/or going to matches. They will always try to best fit both yours and their schedules as to get every team.

We were planning to always have a someone in our pit. But we have a couple kids that are going to talk to the judges and we wanted to make sure they were there when the judges come around.

its always best practice to have any student in your pit, be able to fully comprehend your robot and your team well enough to talk to the judges. Pushing forth a few students to talk is ok, but it looks really good when everyone can talk to them.

I think that every student can talk about our robot, the other questions about the team we may need to work with them a bit though. Thanks for the advice.

The FLR starts in in 3 days, on Thursday! Hope everyone is ready!

Read the manual::rtm:: one more time.

Check your programs.


And have fun!

Good luck everyone!


Is everyone really ready? :confused:

Or am I a horse-whacker? :deadhorse:

Anyway, stay cool :cool: and have fun!

Good luck everyone! :smiley: