Finger Lakes Regional Thanks/Congrats

First off, great job FLR planning committee for putting on another great regional.

To all teams: Every spectator I talked too stated how impressed they were with the amount of good robots for the size of our regional. FLR Teams ROCK!

1559 and 1405: 340 has been apart of some good Alliances but being with 2 Rochester area teams I really felt a special chemistry between us. We know both teams well and even though we just missed the finals, you guys were amazing alliance partners. When 1559 lost their gear and it had to be weld back on, I’ve never seen such a quick and efficient response. I think we called a time-out and were out to weld and back in 2 mins. We loved playing with you guys and hope you both can get to nationals.

1126,229,1567,: Amazing powerhouse. You guys were the class of the field and showed it. You could hear the house come down when 1126 or 229 was just POURING balls in. Great Job guys well deserved Regional Win

191,211,250: Great Job giving above a run for their money. You really made it tense at the end. It was great playing against you guys and I think you all will be successful at championship. Congrats.

1511: All I can say is wow. A 2 year team winning Engineering Inspiration is truly amazing. You guys should be so proud.

1713 for Rookie All-star and 1901 for highest rookie seed and Rookie inspiration. You guys are already great teams and are only going to get better!

Also Congrats and thanks to 639, I love your team, and you guys show amazing Gracious Professionalism all the time.

Great Job FLR you guys rock and Good Luck at Championship. :slight_smile:

Thank you 1126 for picking us and 1567! What an amazing alliance, i knew we had it all along once we had no matches against each other. It feels great to win with my old team and a team that just combined a new school, way to go East and School Without Walls, what a steal for the third round!

Congrats to 340 for WFA, Chairmans, Website. Jason you really deserved the award.

191, 250, 211 i was scared with that last final match and was just watching the referees as what the decision was. We will see y’all at champs!

We have now been notified that we will be going to Championships with this robot! see ya there and GTR in a few.

1511, Great job with the Engineering award!

1126, What can i say? Love ya lots and I’m glad that we were on the same side of the glass this year and i was very excited to see ya guys win the Radioshack award and get 1st place with that replay of a match.

1559, Great job with the animation and Delphi’s Driving Award! I hope you guys can make it to the Champs this year, once again like last year you have a great robot, make her play some more matches and see where she takes you.

I’m sorry if i can’t remember much things I’m tired and it’s late.

I want to send out some thanks on behalf of Team 229

Obviously First I would like to thank 1126. Not only for picking us and working so well together but also for helping us out during crating. Without you guys our robot wouldn’t be on it’s way to GTR right now.
Next 1567. You guys were amazing. I can’t believe you slipped so far and we were able to pick you up.
Of course I need to thank 191. You molded me into an effective FIRST leader and I will always be grateful for that. I love seeing you guys every time I come back home, and you always help us out when we need it. Competing against you in the finals last year and this year was incredible. It was nice to be on the other end this year :stuck_out_tongue:
Next I would like to thank 378. I was very impressed with your team last year and this year was no different. You were always willing to lend a hand or just talk strategy with us. Your robot impressed our whole team and we would have loved working with you. I can’t wait to see you guys again in Toronto.
Also the refs and volunteers at this event were incredible! Everything ran smoothly for pretty much the entire regional. I had an even better experience at this event this year (and last year was tough to beat)
Last but not least I want to thank JVN. You were an incredible announcer and it was just good to see you again buddy! :slight_smile:

Now that we are qualified for the Championships we will be trying to pull together funding for it. We are not sure yet weather we will be there but we’re gonna try as hard as we can. Hope to see everyone there!!

I also really enjoyed being teamed up with u guys and 1405 also. It seemed like we had true chemistry and we knew how to talk to each other. To come back from 0-1 in the first playoff round and win two straight was really an accomplishment.

until next year,thanks
-Kreag, and the rest of team 1559

I would like to start out by congratulating the #1 seed alliance, after Friday’s 109pt round I was hoping that there was some chance that we could team up together but seeing 1126, 229 & 1567 team up to win as great. I was very happy to see a fellow B&L team win. Watch out Atlanta, Sparx is a force to be reckoned with!

I would also like to thank 1559 & 1405 for such a wonderful experience. Getting to work with all 3 teams in the elims will go down as one of my all-time favorite FIRST experiences. For a while it looked like the stars might align but it wasn’t to be. You guys competed like champions and conducted yourselves with great sportsmanship. I was proud to work with such a wonder group of young adults. I have a feeling we will have more opportunities to work together in the future.

Thank you to my kids, mentors, & parents. You were amazing, you make my job easy.

Thank you to the sponsors, the judges, the volunteers, & the refs. You do the things that make FIRST what it is.

Congrats to all of the other teams that won awards, with so many great teams you should be proud.

It was nice to see all of my old friends, keep inspiring.

For those of you going to Atlanta, lets show 'em what the FLR is made of!

Congratulations 1126,229, and 1567 for quite a challenge in the finals.

Thanks to 250 and 211 for the alliance that helped prove that being a highly defensive team can make it too.

The FLR is proven to be a great regional once more.

This week was a lot of fun. At times stressful. But I REALLY REALLY want to thank 639 for being so awesome, you guys were great pit neighbors and always followed through with strategy plans!!! I wish you guys luck in your future endeavors! hehe.

Also, thanks to 271 and 639 for being alliance partners and choosing us. It was a good showing.

And thanks to all of those who calmed me down and helped to keep me sane. You guys know who you are. I dont know what I would have done without you guys.

Congrats to 1126, 229 and 1567. You guys oput up an awesome fight. And you all deserved it! I am proud.

Hm, I will prolly have more to say later. Back to my robotics meeting now.


Congrats to 1126, 229 and 1567 for winning, and all of the other teams that competed.

Thanks to 1511 and 271- was really fun competing with you. I truly had fun controlling with you guys. Sorry about the autonomous not scoring in our last quarterfinals match though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see everyone next year!

Special thanks to 340, 191 and 467 for helping us fix our pneumatic tire. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to compete.

Good luck to 1511 at the Boston Regional, we’ll be cheering for you!

Yay =) I wish that you guys [639] were going somewhere else. Maybe you can somehow come to the championship and shadow our team! lol. You guys were awesome though, keep in touch!! =)

I’d like to thank AND congratulate many of the teams who made our FLR experience an unforgettable one.

1591 - You guys just kept climbing up our pick list all week, and we were ecstatic to be able to pick you for the elimination matches. You were great to work with, and I hope we can get together in the future. (Sorry about our robot troubles - this goes for 145 as well)

145 - Thank you for being a great alliance partner, both in qualifications and in eliminations. You were a well coached, well driven, defensive machine to be reckoned with. Truly a pleasure to work with.

1585 - What can I say: thanks for filling in for us! We were so glad to get a robot on our alliance with your fight and tenacity. You guys fit right in with the group dynamic, and were admirable in winning the quarterfinal match.

Teams 1126, 229 and 1567 - Great job! This is the alliance that I think everybody feared the second they stepped into the arena on Thursday morning. (And we were not wrong, apparently)

Teams 191, 250 and 211 - If the #1 alliance was the one everyone feared, you guys showed no signs of it in your hard-fought final match. Congratulations on your silver medals.

1901 - An amazing first year so far, congratulations on being highest rookie seed! Also, thank you very much for helping us try to repair our robot, then lending us batteries and support in the eliminations. You’re making Canada proud, and we’ll see you in Waterloo.

340 - Wow. One chairman’s award is hard enough to win, but two in a row? I guess it’s an understatement to say that you must be doing something right. Congratulations!

A general thanks and congratulations to all the teams I failed to mention (there is much to say about you guys too), and a specific thanks and congratulations to John and Steve for being a fantastic MC-announcer duo.

Hmm…i thought i already posted here…guess not.

Thanks to 188 for picking us and thanks to 145 and 1585 for being great alliance partners (188 too). and another thanks to 1585 for filling in when 188 had troubles. Hope to see you all next year (and maybe we’ll be partnered up next year)