Finger Lakes Regional

just a thread to dicuss the Finger Lakes Regional at RIT in Rochester,NY march 9-11th, What do you think will be the best part?

Do you think $20 it a bit much for the team social?

i don’t think $20 is much, but i do think you should have searched about this topic.


Im not officially on a team this year. Id be happy to pay $20 to attend the FL regional party friday night!

even though i do think its a little much, im still going, its worth it

I really don’t think that $20 is too much. I am not sure if you were there last year at all but with all the fun activities provided from the gyms open to the karaoke it defiantly was a blast. If you consider the fact that you are getting food and entertainment I think $20 might be considered a bargain compared to some other activities you could do.

I believe that the cost is only if you exceed a certain number on the team. I think that it is great that there is even a social because with finances the way they are all around, socials are becoming rare.

its $20 no matter how many members are attending:


It is with great regret that we, the Finger Lakes Regional Planning
Committee, have to inform you that due to shortfalls in our efforts to
raise funds for the 2006 Finger Lakes Regional competition, the team
social will not be a free event this year. We have waited as long as we
dare to make this decision and realize the hardship this may cause
especially to the rookie teams attending. Our fear is if we wait any
longer to make this announcement teams will not have any time to react.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or hardships this
announcement may cause.
No previous orders have been processed as of yet. See Message below
from our team social coordinator.

The Finger Lakes FIRST Regional Competition 2006 Team Social Update To
Teams, Due to changes in the financial status of the Finger Lakes
Regional the Regional Planning Committee has determined that in order
for us to present a Team Social at this year’s competition we must
charge an entrance fee for the Team Social portion of the event. The
entrance fee has been set at $20 per attendee. Wrist bands will be sold
in advance only. All attendees must have a wrist band. There will be no
admittance to the Team Social without a wrist band. Teams will not be
given any free wrist bands. This is a change from the previously stated
policy. Teams wishing to purchase wrist bands for family and friends of
the team may do so. The entrance fee covers dinner and all Team Social
related activities, which this year includes karaoke, a comedian and
other sport type activities. If you had previously purchased additional
wrist bands your payment may be applied to this new charge or may be
refunded. The Deadline to purchase any and all wrist bands is Friday
February 24th. The number of desired wrist bands and payment must be
sent to:

Michelle Seger
Rochester Institute of Technology
Conferences and Community Relations
30 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
[email protected]
Checks must be made out to: Rochester Institute of Technology

Shouldn’t this be in the Regionals Thread Section.

Just Curious!