finger lakes throwing white disks

I am watching the finger lakes regional and they are throwing white disks as well as red a blue after the 30 second buzzer. Did I miss something??

Practice day. Maybe the HPs just want to get in a little more practice throwing. I saw a robot score a white disk in the pyramid goal, so I don’t think people are taking things super seriously today.

I’d assume that’s the case as well.

The refs are still calling them as fouls.

I was confused too, but I just saw a ref call 5 penalties on a HP who threw 5 white discs.

I completely agree with this explination, but since the issue with throwing all the white discs was saftey, shouldn’t they take that a little more serious? Simply calling penalities during a practice match likely is not enough.

Ah, there’s the rub…some credibility might be at stake…

It could also be individuals/teams that didn’t keep up with the rule changes not realizing it would give them a penalty. Hopefully they figure it out today, before the penalties really count!

btw, I am in full agreement with the rule change that limited HP throws even though we have a team member with amazingly accurate hammer throws…

As a Ref for a few years now, we need the practice too. So dont worry the teams and the Refs know what they are doing.

As someone at FLR, yes, HP’s just want practice. The head ref announced at the beginning in the drivers’ meeting that it was not legal to throw them and I believe that they called fouls on that all throughout the day.

To be honest, it never appeared to be a hazard to me. The biggest hazard, in my opinion, was actually our own bot throwing full court shots :wink:

You certainly do know how to abuse a polycarbonate hopper! (Seriously, while you didn’t actually do any damage, we’re adding a few more rivets tomorrow morning, just in case we play against you in qualifiers or the tournament!)

The usual case of teams failing once again to do the usual reading of the rules and putting poorly trained Human Players out on the field. This is nothing new.

video too far to tell for sure, but possibly stuffing of hands through the feeder slots looked very close to happening. speaking of poorly trained HPs and game safety in general.

And I thought it was practice … aiming at Koko Ed. :slight_smile:

and it continues, with no fouls assessed…

Truth. Darn impressive shooter. When it missed high (though it didn’t happen often :slight_smile: ), it just kept going.