Finished Teams

:confused: Is there any team that is finished with their robot?:confused:

Nobodys ever really finished with their robot :wink:

except the Robonauts lol :rolleyes:

Exactly. Why do you think we have pit areas? :wink: I rarely see a team that is ever done with their robot, even during competition.

I agree with that. lol

Some things that have been said in the past on this topic (most of which are already spotlighted):

“Finish. What an interesting concept. I’m still hoping to do that to our 2003 robot.” --a member of 222 in 2005

“I know what finished is, and I know what a robot is, but what is this finished robot of which you speak?”–a member of a different team

“Your robot isn’t done until after the last day of the Championships.” “No, it’s not done until after your last offseason.” --exchange from a year or two ago.

Anybody says they’re finished, they still got work to do. It’s probably just in software.

wheres the 4th option? what about the teams who arent even half way finished because of snowmaggedon? (we only have a chassis, wheels and transmissions mounted. no electronics or mechanisms of any kind…yet)

We don’t finish until we’re eliminated at the Championship. If you claim to be finished any sooner we’re not playing the same game.

Come to IRI sometime and you can be finished about 3 months later.

Oh snowmageddon. How I love you so. We’ve been lucky enough to have a mentor willing to give up his garage for work, so we’re not too behind. But it’s still been a pain moving the robot and everything back and forth. Haven’t seen this much snow in VA ever. It’s crazy.

We’re not even finished with our 2008 robot.

We have (2007) and I also went in 2006. It’s too expensive for us to get there too do it regularly. We also have not done an offseason since our last appearance at IRI because of scheduluing conflicts:(

I don’t think the question should be are you finished? Something like have you come to a point were you are satisfied with your robot until you see it in competition?

Lol but agreed with all above posters if u finish before the season is over your giving up waaay to soon.

I don’t really consider any of 1075’s robot’s ‘finished’, (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008offseason, 2009, 2010, 2010practice or our 2008-2010 Cart). However, some of them have been completely or partially dismantled, mostly because we needed parts off of them:
2003 exists, minus all electronics and some pneumatics
2004 exists minus electronics
2006 is completely dismantled and some of its frame lives on in more recent bots
2007 is mostly functional, but is missing drive units (2006 offseason, 2007, 2008, and 2008 offseason all had interchangeable drive units)
2008 is completely dismantled, some frame bits live on in more recent bots
2008offseason is fully functional
2009 was fully functional until last week (its cRIO and modules were stolen to put on 2010practice)
2010 is still under construction
2010practice is mostly complete.
and our 2008-2010 Cart is fully functional.

I’ll bite and assume for the OP’s sake that by finished he means that all of the initial functions of the robot work, it’s built and programmed, and teams are tweaking their robots rather than building their first iteration.

2791 was aiming for that by about now. Our chassis is in a million pieces, so… we’re a bit behind. I can say the 09 robot has been finished since Ramp Riot, though, as almost every single part on it has been cannibalized. I’m actually impressed with how much of it HAS been reused.

ETA: IRI 2010. We’ll be done then.

Well thanks to the snow all we have a chassis with some wheels. Our pneumatics came in, and we havent been able to do anything yet because we havent been able to go anywhere. So we are basically screwed for the competition. This is only our second year, so we are still learning about how fast that deadline comes up haha. baring any type of miracle we aren’t gonna be ready.

“Finished Teams”??? :ahh:

That’s an absurd ideal. :yikes:

#1 I hope we finish in time.
#2 I hope its to our satisfaction.

So far, we are not even close to reaching #1 and #2 yet.:mad:

“DONE is a four letter word” JVN

Our competition bot is farther along than our practice bot. Hopefully the snow doesn’t make us take off another day from our machines at school tomorrow.

Wait, robot? We’ve been working on building a team.

The website and communication teams have been working hard and shown much success.
Our CA essay is going through some final edits.
The video is mostly shot and editing has begun.
Our WFA nominee has been decided and the essay is a good way along.
The Business plan has been updated.
Our robot is behind schedule and needs plenty of work to be functional.