FINite Recharge 2021

Starting a thread on FINite Recharge, since I haven’t seen one yet and we’re quite excited to attend our first competition in 2 years this weekend. Thanks to all the folks in FIN for putting this on!

Team list

Stream is at

And yes, we’re bringing the bike wheel robot. Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone!



Excited for the event! Should be a lot of great high scoring matches.


Which event rules will this event be following? Assuming we should bust out our 2021 autos? Will this follow typical alliance selection of events in July in Indiana? or traditional serpentine alliance selection? (I assume with 24 teams that it will be serpentine since otherwise 8 would stand no chance). I’m really excited to be at an FRC event again! I assume we’ll all be masked up?

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From the team email update email we received:

We will be using the 2021 Rules for Infinite Recharge during the event.

From the COVID-19 procedure document provided to the teams:

All participants must wear a mask when inside the venue while attending the event to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, with exceptions when eating. Masks should cover both the nose and mouth.

Failure to comply by any team member, Mentor/Coach or person affiliated or traveling with the Team will result in a verbal warning for the entire team. Any further acts of non-compliance will be deemed as egregious behavior and may result in expulsion from the event and/or the issuance of a Yellow and/or Red Card to the entire team as per Game Manual Part 6 - Conduct Rules, C1.


Nice spread of teams from in and out of state.


Wish I would’ve seen this earlier or 4130 would’ve been there. Good luck to everyone!

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Who is bringing the robot marked as 9330, the Beach Bums?

Super excited to follow this event whenever I can! I like to think of this as a smaller IRI, considering the strength of the team list.


Not if we have anything to say about it :grin:

Super pumped to get to volunteer this weekend, very excited to see some amazing matches.

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We’re super excited to go this weekend!
Our robot is comp ready! :star:


Finally got a new intake ‘working’ tonight. Needed more bubble gum and duck tape, but we’re stoked to play robots again!


Add a few zip ties and rubber bands and you’ll have a winner!


We did that exact same thing! Zip ties, rubber bands, tape, and pulled out Medicare cause this robot is getting old.


We’ve got our fingers crossed that we don’t need to pull out the ol’ LifeAlert if we fall and can’t get up. In case that happens can you guys bring a stretcher or two?


We only got one stretcher and that’s for our robot……but…… its big enough to carry both if we need to get to the robot hospital in Kokomo (AndyMark)


We had to wipe the dust off of them, but we have buttons…who wants buttons?!


It’s been a while.

3940 has been quietly working to make our best robot yet: Pegasus 3.0:

Lots of upgrades since this machine first came to life way back in February of 2020. A brand new dual-arm telescoping climber, brushless drive motors (and 1.5" wide AndyMark Performance Wheels with Blue Nitrile Tread on em.) Lots and lots and lots of intake tweaks to deal with sticky power cells. And a control panel spinner to boot, significantly inspired by 148:

We’re eager to continue our momentum from our Infinite Recharge @ Home Arsenic Group win this weekend! See you all there!



It has brought to my attention that these will not be able to be passed out, so we will have one on display in the pit that people can get their picture taken with.

Our second robot we started building last Monday to get the new students some experience before the competition. High goal auto + defense + climb.


I’m pumped for this event!

A few interesting things are happening.

Pit Layout:

Our intent here is to have big pits in the fieldhouse with plenty of spacing between teams.


We will conduct safety inspections for all teams, focusing on electrical power management, sharp edges and fast moving parts. Also, we gotta check that bumper heights are correct. This is a significantly scaled down version of usual FRC event inspections.

FIN Fun Friday matches:

Not to be confused with regular practice matches that will end by 6pm tonight.

These are practice matches aimed at giving teams a chance to connect to the field, have some fun, and more practice. Students must drive and operate robots for at least 1 match. Mentors or alumni can operate their robot for 1 match, at the most.

  • Start time: 6:00pm

  • End time: 7:30pm

  • Each team participates in 2 matches

  • Match cycle time: 11.25 minutes

  • Total matches: 8

  • Teams fill out a match registration, listing 6 preferred alliance partners, 6 preferred opponents, student drive team members (first names), name of drive coach (first name only if student), mentor or alumni drive team members, 1 or 2 unique facts about the team

  • Teams turn in lists to Andy by 3:30pm

  • FIN Fun Match schedule is released by 4:30pm

  • FMS runs these matches as practice matches

See ya soon!
Andy B.