FIPN - FIRST Intellectual Property Network

Posted by Robby at 2/4/2001 3:04 AM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

Just thought I would start a new thread on this to see what everyone thought.

It would be very similar to sharingFIRST with a slight bit more organization. Not to say Tom is doing a bad job. Quite the contrary, I think his work with SF is excellent.

However there is no standard presentation web page. Every team is allowed to post thier page how they want, therefore no consistency. If you take a look at places like (an intelletual property network), and, they have some kind of standard.

Anyone think this is feasible? Likeable? Possible? I think the way SF gives credit is great, just perhaps need’s some more standardizing among team pages.

This way it would actually work like an Intellectual Property Network. Full designs and credit could be posted so everyone would know with out it being overbearing. And if someone had too many ideas to complete by him or her-self or by thier team, other people could pick up the ideas, produce them, then provide a link to the intellectual poperty.

Thoughts? Comments?

-Robby O
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Posted by Joe Johnson at 2/4/2001 3:19 PM EST

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by Robby on 2/4/2001 3:04 AM EST:

When I was told to write up a “Delphi Award” proposal
after Delphi became and official sponsor of FIRST, I
proposed a written submission for a robot feature or
“best practice” that teams would submit in a standard
format that FIRST would publish on the web and in a
book form.

What I envisioned was something like what FIRST has
done with the Yearboob Page submissions. Everyone has
the same page format, font, picture sizes etc. At the
FIRST was loath to deal with the hassles of collecting
everyone’s submissions and publishing them.

Now that they have worked out the bugs by doing
essentially the same thing for the Yearbook Page, maybe
they would be interested in expanding it to allow teams
to submit an added page for robot feature or best
practice. If FIRST then published these pages it would
be a HUGE leap forward in helping to get teams up to
speed fast with robot design and build.

Think about it. If an award was given for the best
submissions (perhaps a winner and a number of
finalists), teams would have a self interest in
publishing their very best cool thing the have done.
In the same way that Patents put ideas in the public
domain, this process would “pay” teams (with the
currency of the realm – recognition) for revealing
their best kept secrets. Then others would be able to
use them and even improve upon them.

What do you think?

Joe J.

Posted by David Kelso at 2/4/2001 5:04 PM EST

Coach on team #131, C.H.A.O.S.-, from Central High School and OSRAM SYLVANIA/ Fleet .

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 2/4/2001 3:19 PM EST:

I understand the reason that we need it, but at this point I am so sick of seeing one more important piece of paper that has a deadline attached to it. This includes applying to get the days off from school for the competition, getting permission from the school board to take students on overnight trips, filling out paper work in hopes that the school will pay for part of the teacher’s travel costs. Writing out grant stuff for sponsors so that they will provide $$$ for the program (that is spent already). So, how was YOUR day.