Fire Drill!!

Just wondering, is it aloud to have a fire extinguisher in ur pit area? i understand that there is one near the field but as an extra safety reasons is this aloud?

It is actually encouraged to have a fire extinguisher in your pit, however make sure you have a fire extinguisher that is meant for electrical fires such as a Halon Fire extinguisher.
Fire Class--------Intended Use**
**A **---------Ordinary combustibles
**B **---------Flammable liquids
**C **---------Energized electrical equipment
D----------Combustible metals
**K **----------Cooking oils

Two thumbs up to you for being ahead of the game with safety:D

Awesome thanks a lot!:smiley:

I’ve always encouraged a Fire Escape route as a Safty officer. If the fire gets too out of control, an estinquisher may not be enough. Robots can be replaced. People cannot.

Or, even better, don’t present fire hazards. No liquids in the pits for sparking and overheating, and no loose paper around heat sources.

No smoking, either. Not only can it be a hazard. alot of people do have alergies, and this needs to respected. Plus, it’s bad for your health! So don’t do it! D:<