Firebird's Social to benefit African FRC Team 1874

Only one week til the Social!! Think how relaxing it wil be…the robot shipped, awards submitted…

get psyched!

post post post post

im like a human post-it!!!

I tried to get the interest to spread through my team but it didn’t work.

My friend on my team and I wanted to go though… and maybe some others?..

would that be possible if we just came?

the team says yes!

EVERYONE MUST GO!!! :smiley:

I didn’t think to let our rookie team know (I know, what a failure!), but I talked to one of the kids today and he seemed kind of into it. I doubt we’d have much more than 1 or 2 extra students, would that be all right?

Can’t wait!

Of course its fine!

i was already excited to go to this, but this just makes it so much better!
i must ask though; im assuming its a PS2 and not a machine, since outputing the video and sound from a ddr machine is annoying, so will it be a U.S. or J.P. PS2, and what mix? if its only a U.S. version, i could always bring my modded ps2 and DDRextreme JP which is so insanely better.
also, what pads will you guys have? if their soft pads, i have a feeling a few of my freinds and i will rip them apart in a minute.

Well, after putting it off for a little bit, I got Team 1712’s registration in to go to the Fiesta this weekend. Quite a few people from our team are planning on going (including Zac, who posted above me), and we can’t wait to be there.

See you all on Friday!

If you do bring your own PS2, etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT! We had some kids provide controllers and things for our Annual Bowling Lock-In, and a few disappeared. I don’t want this to happen to you…

i wish i could come but it is a little too far away for me to go to right now :frowning:

I know you guys have a directions page on the first post, but could you provide an address so that I could just google maps it?


120 West Wissahickon
Flourtown PA 19031


We know the build season was probably a very hectic time for all teams,even if you did not turn in a registration form, your team can still attend and come the night of the event. Be sure to follow the rules in the first post/attached document and attached document such as one mentor per team rule, permssion forms and team t-shirt and long jeans dress code.

If you have any songs you’d like to have played, let us know now and we’ll try to make arrangements for that…a there will be a request sheet.

Also, mentors: your spouses are most welcome to attend. As we noted, there will be a separate section for the mentors to socialize without the loud music.

Feel free to e-mail our mentor (address in above post) with any questions!

Hope to see you all there!

Also, with concern to directions, this sounds silly, but make sure you enter at the driveway that with the sign that says “Mount Saint Joseph Academy”…there is another one close by so just to prevent any confusion!

Can’t wait! And remember - even if you didn’t register, you can still come, as long as you abide by the said regulations :slight_smile:

had a great time! must do again next year! :smiley:

Props to the Firebirds for putting on such a great event! Thanks for the great time and being able to meet all these new people. Hope to see everyone there soon at the Philly Regional! As Chuck said, you have to do this again sometime.

Oh man… WISH I COULD’VE GONE! The distance from NJ was a little difficult… especially since a family thing and religious deal both sort of came up for tonight… :frowning:

My hope is that the Firebird’s will throw another fiesta after nationals, when the WHOLE season is over! :smiley:

thanks for such an amazing time guys! the night was truely so much fun! i hope you guys were able to raise a fair amount of money for the team.
if you guys do this again later, ill most certainly come again.

Thanks to everyone who came!

It was soooo much FUN!!

There were 12 teams represented!

We’re going to make this social an annual event, so there will definately be another one next year! An after nats social, though…thats a good idea…

:smiley: !

Karen <3

Yes, ditto to what Karen said! :smiley:

On behalf of the Firebirds, Thank you thank you thank you to all the teams who came out and supported this!! I can’t wait to see all of you at the NJ or Philly regionals!

I know the Firebirds had blast putting this together, so thanks for attending and we’re soo glad you all had fun (and all for a good cause too!)! Everyone who will be at Philly: be sure to look out for members of team 1874 who will be observing this year’s competition.

Thanks again to everyone and good luck at all of your competitions!