Firefox 1.0 Released!

Firefox 1.0 was released as scheduled today, November 9th. New users should visit the Firefox website for more information and the download-able program. Old users should use the built in update functionality by going to Tools->Options->Advanced->Software Update - Check Now.

What I find most interesting about this release is the new home page Google has made for Firefox users. Sweeeeeet!

awesome just downloaded it and loving it thanks for telling me, i would never have known to upgrade

For some reson I can’t get to the themes and extensions page, is anyone else having this problem??

Yeah. Must be a server problem.

ok just checking, they should have it up and running in a little while then i guess

I just tried updating and it said that there were no available updates…I checked the version to see if it had already somehow updated itself, but I am still running version 0.9.1. Anyone able to help with this?

You must have a version that is incapable of auto-updating itself. I would reccomend downloading the new installer as if you were a new user.

Uninstall the old version first though. Don’t worry, everything will still be there (like your bookmarks), at least on XP it does.

Just to be on the safe side, make a backup of your old stuff by copying C:\Documents and Settings<your user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox to someplace else, then copying it back if you lost your stuff.

This morning, I downloaded the new installer and installed 1.0 without uninstalling 0.9.1, an di haven’t had any problems (yet).

Yeah, I’ve done the same thing before with Firefox in the early days of development. In general you should be fine. Unintstalling the previous version is just an extra measure of safety. Kinda like wearing your safety glasses with the side shields :wink:

Firefox will not auto-update to a newer version. auto-update is to check for newer versions of extensions and themes that you have installed.

when you install a newer version of firefox it should replace the older version. since the default file location for all versions of firefox is the same (C:Program Files/Mozilla Firefox) the old version is overwritten when a newer one is installed.

i am actually disapointed with 1.0 at the moment. not because of anything to do with the program itself, but because of how many themes and extensions that i had downloaded are not compatable with 1.0. i’ll have to wait for the updates, but right now i am really missing my Pheonity and ScribblesBrite themes and several of my favorite extensions like Stop-or-Reload Button and Super Drag&Go. I’m actually thinking about redownloading 1.0PR if Super Drag&Go is not updated within the next few days. at least my #1 favorite, Tabbrowser Extensions, is still compatable. (Note: Some of the extensions I mentioned are not available on, but instead on

PS: I’m a member of “Spreading The Fire”, every time somebody clicks the link in my signature, i get a point. so if anybody might have been influenced to download Firefox by this thread, they can follow my link :wink:

I have updgraded the actual Firefox program to version 1.0 on two computers using the auto-update feature. Both computers were running a v1.0 pre-release version of Firefox at the time.

hmm… well it could just be me, after all, i just found out that pheonity DOES work with 1.0 - in fact i had the version that does, but for some reason it was grayed out. i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it works now

The reason I said the uninstall thing is that, at least with .8.x and .9.x, the new installation didn’t remove the old version from the installed programs list, so if you ever need/want to uninstall, you’ve got a mess. And it looks messy.

This may be due to the current “theme/skin” I am using. However, after updating to 1.0, I am now unable to find where to unblock blocked pop-ups on certain Web Sites that I need to unblock. Including school related ones!!! If anyone recalls, the bottom left corner next to [Done] used to have a little [x] when a pop-up was blocked.


It should in the lower right hand corner, as well as a bar which displays across the top of the page for a few seconds (similar to IE).

Try it with the default skin if it still doesn’t work.

Sorry about bringing this back from the dead, however Firefox 1.03 came out earlier today. To download and install it follow these directions

  1. Click on the Tools Menu
  2. Scroll Down to Options, Click it
  3. A Box Comes up, on the right hand side click Advanced
  4. Under Software Update (3rd Tab) you’ll see a check now button, Make sure firefox is turned on above it and click check now
  5. Wait for the download
  6. When its done you’ll get a Installation Wizard
  7. Check the boxes off and say yes and such
  8. When you get to one of the last questions, they will ask, Use Firefox Start as Default webpage, turn this option off if you want to keep your homepage
  9. All done, now that wasn’t so hard was it?

As a side note on that, the auto-update feature downloads the 1.02 setup (at least it did for me). An interesting bug, but just use the directions above, not the automatice way.

While we are talking about FireFox here is an awesome website to get some Extensions for 1.0.3 :slight_smile:

Just a note:

If you’re getting the “ cannot be found” message, after installing 1.0.3, try restarting.

My boyfriend’s computer (yes, I finally converted him to a Firefox-user!) had to be restarted before Firefox would even load after the install, but it worked right away for me.