Firefox 2!

It’s been released just today if you didn’t know already.
You can download here:

I’m curious, what are your thoughts?

They released three betas previously for competing designs and Firefox 2 looks like the RC3 design that was the last design to compete. I’m not sure if it is, but it appears to be. I’m curious what you think of the choice the Mozilla team made?

The poll is open. Also, post your opinions of what you think about the new Firefox and some of the things the team could have improved on or did really well.

I don’t like the tabs.

Other than that I still <3 (2.9, less than three…etc) Firefox.

Some of my extensions don’t work currently =\ Neither does iFox Smooth, the theme I was using.

But the spell check feature. Kicks Bott.

Is something significantly different about the tabs, or do you just dislike their new chromey-ness? Oh man, Firefox just spell checked “chromey-ness” as not a word. That is so sweet. Built in spell check is an amazing feature. You can even right click misspelled words and it makes suggestions. That is awesome.

Some of my extensions don’t work, but I assume in the next few weeks they’ll all get back up to speed. Overall, I like it so far, but renaming ‘extensions’ to ‘add-ons’ confused me for a little bit.

Also fairly confusing, I have my text cursor here in this box as well as a blinking text cursor up in my quicksearch box. That is rather disorienting. I really like the new looks on the search and address bars. I think it will make them easier for people to understand.

Cool. :cool:

Only two of about 10 of my extensions are compatable. OH GEES!

I wish they’d kept both X’s for the tabs, but otherwise, Firefox juts keeps getting more sexy :drool:

The tabs are great.

I love the whole thing. I might switch over to it from Safari…

MAN! Ya’ll are so slow!

uses Firefox 3 (aka Minefield)

They remind me of the IE Tabs, they’re just a little to tall for me, plus I miss the button on the right. It’s going to take a long time to break that habit of moving to the right to close the tab. Oh we’ll I’ll accommodate.

I’m quite scared. Joe, switch from a apple product. I thought I’d never see the day. And Joe, whoe? What ever happened to spell check :rolleyes:

Yeah that confused me a little bit too. I went into Tools to see my extensions and I kind of freaked out at first but then I’m like add-ons…hmm and found it.

I’m using RC3 right now. The tab close history feature is currently my favorite new thing. (All that time I spent trying to find the page I was reading in 100+ page histories, I’m so happy it won’t happen again) I only had a few extensions, so compatibility wasn’t much of an issue. (Except for FasterFox, but I just changed its version requirements and it works fine now) Overall I like the new theme, although I have accidentally closed tabs with that button, but the tab history made that not matter much anyway. Out of all my browsers (SeaMonkey 1.0.5, Opera 9.02, K-Meleon 1.02, Firefox 2.0 RC3, IE6) Firefox 2 is my favorite by far. (Although some of Opera’s features are nice)

It is ok, and I have only been using it for about 3 minutes. All ready a couple of my, greatly used, extensions won’t work. I also don’t like that they are copying off of safari. I will get used to it though.

just installed it LOVE IT!! all but 12 of my extentions work (39 work) its so much more…clean lol its nice. and the spell check is great

I’m a fan! I love the spell check feature, and ALL of my extensions still work! :smiley:

I love it. I did some looking around and got most of my extensions to work (or found a replacement for it). I did find the theme i was using, so it isn’t a problem for me.

I guess Ive customized firefox so much for myself that I dont notice most of the changes.

iFox smooth is available here:
Yes, it works (thats what I use.)

Does anhbody know how to put a recently closed tabs button on the top of firefox so i dont have to go trough like 3 menus to get to it?
This is tab-mix plus, a useful extension that allows you to right click in the top area with the tabs and then open up recently closed ones (you can also protect tabs and stuff like that).

This might be what you want:

Thank you.