FireFox extentions

To those who have Firefox what are some of your favorite extensions offered through firefox?? There are soo many…

Well, since I’m a heavy Google News user, I enjoy Bugmenot.

And you can’t survive the web without Adblock…

…and I did add some more things into the search bar. In addition to Google, I’ve got, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, and Yahoo!. (Don’t know why I have the latter in there–I never use it.)

Google toolbar because I like the “search this site” “i’m feeling lucky” “images” etc, buttons.

The Web Developer Toolbar is amazing if you are a web developer. It is just so useful when looking at pages to be able to examine source for just one section, or to outline all elements of a certain type, or to look at all CSS styles, etc ,etc etc…

My favorites are OpenBook, IEview, Paste & Go, Mozilla Calendar, and Download Manager Tweak.

All of these add some really nice features that make browsing easier/more enjoyable.

I second the Web Developer Toolbar for webdesign, it just has SO many different features. I also liked IEview for pages that don’t function properly on FireFox (it’s a shame that some pages only work on IE). However, when I tried to download IEview for FireFox 1.0PR, I keep getting error messages. This happen to anyone else?

Web developer, Linkification, Adblock, IEView, Chatzilla, Gmail notifier, and Autohide (tweaks for full screen).

EDIT: And no, no problems here with getting IEView for the PR release.

Have you guys not tried Optimoz/mouse gestures? I’ve been browsing with efficiency and style for years with that.

HEY WOW! i never knew you could get these things.

hahaha :wink:

Yeah, all kinds of fun stuff out there.

I have to say that the one thing I dislike about the PR release is the blocking of sites from installing software. Well, that is ok, but the only way to install from those sites is to specifically add their address to the allowed list. Anyone know a way to get around that?

I have tried the foxy voice thing that is pretty cool. It doesn’t pronounce everything right but it will read any selected item on a page it is sooo cool.

I highly agree with this. Here’s my list off the top of my head:

AdBlock (blocks any images you tell it to)
FlashGot (used for successfully using FlashGet!)
Deep Sender (for Live Journal)
ZoomIt (or something like that…allows to zoom into pictures and stuff more than usual)

I’ll update this list when I get home from school (if I can remember)

I use most of the afore mentioned plugins, but I also use Sage, its a RSS and ATOM news feed aggregator, that in my opinion works better than the built in one for the PR version.

The Web Developer Extension should be a requirement for anybody doing web development. So helpful…

Chatzilla, Weatherfox, Image Zoom, miniT (tab dragging), Adblock

Google Toolbar, G-mail Notifier, Autohide, Titlebar Tweaks, NukeAnything :slight_smile: , and Foxy Tunes.
Since I am a student of Japanese, I used to use the Moji extension regularly. It was a Japanese language dictionary, so you can find out what certain words or characters mean on Japanese websites. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with 1.0PR. Guess I’ll have to wait until it is.

I also like all of the themes that Fire Fox provides. I use the phoenity it is easy simple and has good colors. What other themes are good ones to try?

Silver Skin 2.5 is the best one out there :smiley: