Firefox Problem


I was wondering how to get my Firefox Browser back to normal? (Normal means how Firefox2 looks when it is first downloaded. I know I have a theme installed, but I lost the google toolbar, the bottom is to long, etc.)

Thanks, and attached is a screen shot.

Right click on the toolbars … you should see a list of the tool bars in use . Be sure the google one is checked and un-check the one you don’t want.

Now for the theme… lleft click on tools and left click addons. You should see a themes tap. Click on it and select default and you will go back.

If that doesn’t work or hold. Had the same problem with with an strange toolbar and the thing kept losing my custom set up.
Its a glitch in the first release of Firefox 2.0

All I did was uninstall the firefox, re-install and haven’t had any problems since.

Hope this help you. Firefox itself has a good self-help section too.
Good luck!

I tried uninstalling firefox, but I still get that huge bottom toolbar (or what ever it is) when I reinstalled it. Should I try again or what?


Try this:

TOOLS > ADD-ONS > THEMES > Click on Themes > Default Theme > Use Theme.


Thanks for the help. With all your advise, I think I got Firefox running again.


If you are still having issues with Firefox, try the following:

After uninstalling Firefox, go to: My Computer --> C (or main disk) --> Documents and Settings --> (Your User Profile) --> Application Data --> Mozilla.

In folder Mozilla, delete the folder entitled Firefox to the Recycle Bin. All your Firefox settings are stored in this folder. If you delete this folder and then reinstall Firefox, you will start our fresh.

I recommend you hold on to the folder in Recycle Bin in case you want to roll back to your old settings. If you do, just restore the folder.

In the future, I remember version of 1.0 had a “profiles” thing that you could access through the command line. I had a similar problem, and making a new profile fixed it for me. I haven’t had to touch it in 2.0 though, so I have no idea if they still have that or not.

make sure firefox is closed.

Start > Run > type “firefox -profilemanager”

allows you to delete, create, etc.

“Firefox” and “Problem” just don’t go in a sentence together :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless, of course, that sentence includes the word RAM :rolleyes: