FIRES (formerly IPA) Scouting System Teaser - Innovators Robotics (#3138)

FIRST Innovators Robotics Electronic Strategic Scouting System

Just a quick teaser of 3138’s effort this year (the data input side only, so far). More complete write-up coming soon!

This is an HTML5, real-time, strategy-oriented application, as we did last season.



We did some practice matches with this yesterday, and it seems pretty quick to pick up. Doing it as fast (or faster) as shown in the video really isn’t an issue after you scout a couple matches.

We’re excited to be working with 3138 at the Central Illinois Regional using their FIRES system for scouting data collection. It looks really slick and we can’t wait to see it in person.

Our team would be interested in using FIRES for Boilermaker Regional (Week 4). Can you give us some information about it? Thanks!

It looks really slick. We are also developing a similar system. Is there any way to grab the raw data if a team wants to analyze the data themselves, like in Tableau?

Thanks a bunch! We’re actually in the process of rewriting the scouting input side to provide better data (we discovered that we simply were trying to track too many things; the game goes really quickly), so we’ll upload a new video when we feel that’s solid.

The answer to the raw data question is two-fold. The most raw form of data is entirely useless (we store each event that happens on the field as a transaction - you’d have a huge list of mostly meaningless rows) to extract. The data we create by analyzing these entries is designed to be read out through a dashboard (currently still in development) by a drive team or other strategy people, and isn’t currently exportable to any other formats (CSV, XLS, what-have-you). We try to provide more than enough data points and visualizations to help eliminate the need for processing by external tools. That said, we won’t rule out an export function in the future if we feel it’s justifiable.

Thanks for the input!