FIRES Scouting App

Innovators Robotics (FRC #3138) has been building FIRES, a real time web-based scouting suite of applications for several years. This is open to any team that wishes to use it. The 2017 season saw over 80 teams at 19 competitions scouting over 600 unique teams. Currently we are on about a 130% adoption growth year over year.

We are one of the few scouting systems that track what happened (picking up, placing, climbing, etc.), the time it took to do something (how many seconds a climb took), and a location on the field that something happened.

The whole suite includes Pit Scouting (with pictures), Match scouting, Dashboard (multiple Tableau visualizations embedded into the app), PickList assistant, and Admin functionality. We also utilize the vast amount of data available from the FIRST API (like some match data, match schedule, etc.).

We are currently in development of the 2018 version but much is already functional at this point.

Please check us out at

It is not necessary to Register. When you select the login option at the top, there will be a choice to login as a guest. This will give you full use of our demo environment.


We are looking at using this for Scouting this year. It looks like it will fit our needs. Thanks for developing it.

Will this be able to run offline? Because we wont have access to internet at our competitions.

This seems interesting to look into for our scouting team. Does it work on Fire Tablets with out internet?

Team 852 is considering this app for scouting and we thank you for developing the app. Will it be able to be used on other devices such as tablets or phones?


What’s the correct URL? Because right now there’s just a big Angular error

Nevermind, it’s up for me now

This is a web based system that consolidates all data to a cloud server. It is not intended to work in an offline mode. We use tablets and cell phones (via Bluetooth) to get on the internet. This system is designed for that type of connection (very lightweight) with data queuing built in for a temporary loss of cell signal.

Yes, it is designed for match scouting with tablets. (800 X 1024 resolution required). The real estate on a phone is just not enough to make it practical of scouters. The pit scouting CAN be done with a cell phone.

Apologize for the issue. The development environment is being made available so more teams can do a live preview but please be aware there may be issues as we are constantly upgrading and testing.

If I’m not mistaken the Fire tablets are 7" tablets that have a resolution of 600 x 1024. We recommend at least 800 x 1024 (that’s what we design to) or else you would constantly need to scroll the screen. We may even now have a check in the system to enforce this to ensure the best possible experience.

Yes it does require an internet connection. We use Bluetooth and a cell phone.

Looks pretty cool! I think we’ll try it out this year!

Team 48 will be very interested in using your system again. It was very useful to us last year. Thanks for allowing us to use it. We will be looking forward to using it again this year. :slight_smile:

Lead scouting mentor from Team 4028, the Beak Squad. We used FIRES last year and it was awesome. Our scouters were much more engaged, we obtained much better data than we did in the past (which led to more rich, in-depth pick-list/game strategy discussions), and the students had a lot of fun with it. Really looking forward to using it again this year!!! :smiley:


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For the last two years, the FIRES program has provided a great service to the Bomb Squad. It not only improved our game-to-game strategy but, with an abundance of accurate data, allowed us to create a detailed pick list. Working with team 3138 was a great experience as they are amazing at listening to the input from teams and adapting the program to what they need. We look forward to the improvements that will be made for the 2018 game and hopes it will be as great a resource to others as it has been to us.

Thank you so much for making this, scouting is quite a pain.

Team 1708 is for sure interested to use this app for 2018 and beyond. Is there a way I can get email updates for a launch for the kindle and such?

Can you suggest a tablet that will work for your app?

This is a web-based application so there are no device specific versions. The only limitation is the device should have a resolution of 1024 x 800. I believe the Kindles are all 1024 x 600. While this should work there may be excessive scrolling up and down that may end up being frustrating.

We use Motorola, iPad and Samsung (Tab 4 and Tab 5) tablets. I know teams that use Lenovo and Surface tablets as well.

When looking for a tablet make sure it has Bluetooth and a minimum resolution of 1024 X 800. We recommend ~10" tablet. I have seen some teams use 7" tablets but it’s a little difficult to see and navigate. Also note any battery life specifications. These will need to run all day.