FIRES Scouting App


Hey, I’m working with a couple of other alumni to create something similar. I’m curious about how the site works, and I have a couple questions:

  1. How are you handling the data storage/backend?
  2. What are you using for user Auth?
  3. You said that you’re using the FIRST API. Do you mean the Blue Alliance API, or does FIRST have a seperate one?
  4. It looks like you’re using AngularJS, can I ask why? (We’re using it too, I’m just curious as to why Angular over any other framework)
  5. What did you do to lighten the amount of files transferred? I tested it a week ago and it used 2 MB, but now it only needs 600 KB.



We have Kindle Fire 8 HD tablets that have a reported resolution of 1280x800. When I go to your web page to test the screen resolution it reports out 962x601. So the scouting page won’t load on the tablet to test.


We discovered this a number of years ago. The hardware specification resolution on the device is different than the actual addressable resolution apart from the OS. To get a better looking screen manufacturers make each addressable pixel 2-4 actual hardware pixels (pixel density). Apple does the same thing with their retina displays. The true addressable resolution is what the app needs to be 1024 x 800. This is why we added that link to

  1. We have a Web API handle all the reads/writes to a back end SQL Server.
  2. We use the Identity framework, OAuth2, built into
  3. FIRST has an API attached (kind of) the the FMS system. It is similar to the BlueAlliance API. As a matter of fact the BlueAlliance gets its data from the FIRST API.
  4. We use Angular for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this is what one of the original student developers knew. We have just carried forward with it ever since. It’s fairly easy and quick.
  5. We cache frequently used code, pictures, icons, etc. in local storage on the device. Also, you were looking at our development environment so there may have been additional “stuff” transferred for debugging purposes. We shoot for about 1GB data transfer per regional. This varies based on many factors, however.


How many tablets would each team need to effectively scout?


1 scouter per team, 6 simultaneous scouters. You may also want to use a tablet for your drive team in the pits.


Rob - Thanks for the great service! We’re in! Bought 8 tablets - 6 for matches and 2 for pits - we’ll be tracking data with you at Miami Valley and Smoky Mountains.


Here is a link to a short video describing logging in as a guest and registering to use the FIRES Scouting system this year.


Check out the improved FIRES Scouting website. Thank you to all the teams offering great feedback to help make FIRES the most feature rich and comprehensive scouting solution available.

Many new features have been added including:

  • Weighted Criteria Pick List Search Assistant
  • Online training videos
  • FIRST API integration
  • More robust, scalable server and database
  • Many new dashboards (always more coming)
  • Optimized page loading and caching to reduce network traffic
  • Internal queuing of write transactions in case of network connection loss
  • Enhanced team cycle statistics by cycle type (from where to where) that includes counts, timing, and visual location path
  • CSV downloads of data
  • plus much, much more

Currently over 60 teams registered, scouting over 70 competitions, and about 2400 unique teams to be scouted.

For any questions, comments, issues, feedback please email us at



All those teams using FIRES at Championships,

On behalf of Innovators Robotics (#3138) Congratulations!! We just wanted to reach out for any final feedback you have or any additional enhancement requests to better assist your scouting efforts. We, on the FIRES team, will be supporting both Championship events. If you have any issues please contact us through the support email found on the support page of the application.

For those of you reading this and want to step up your scouting game for Championships please let us know if you have questions.


What server did you use for FIRES?


We use Azure servers for both the web server and database (SQL Server) back end infrastructure.



The guest login seems to be not functional now. I got following error when I tried guess login.

400: Bad Request, The user name or password is incorrect. (Technical term: invalid_grant)



Does it double check scouting data from other teams at the same competition? I love the idea of being able to look at other team’s scouting data, in order to ensure accurate data & some teams no longer need to scout 100% of matches.

Or am I just being naive??


Is there going to be an update for Destination: Deep Space?


While I’m not involved with the coding of FIRES, I assure you our team has been hard at work since kickoff.


Thanks!! Also, are the majority of teams that use this in the Midwest of the US?


I can’t wait to see how it looks this year. Is it going to be out in time to test on week 0 events?


The first beta version of the FIRES scouting application is available for review. This is beta so there are still a few areas that need additional work.

 Pit Scouting – Done

 Match Scouting – Functionally Done (few fit and finish items to complete)

 Admin Console – Same as last year. Waiting on FIRST API completion for this to be fully functional.

 Dashboard – Actively working on this. There are a few dashboards. Look for more and fixes to existing in the upcoming week.

 Pick List Assistant – User Interface is Done. Back end calculations need to be added(so currently won’t do anything).

 Registration – Done (refer to the Help/Training menu option from the main home page for login and registration procedures)

Feel free to Register and login or simply login as a Guest.

Please let us know any issues you encounter or suggestions through our support email


This is used across the US with some international use as well.