Firestorm 4 / Team #007

This is Firestorm 4. We are from Baltimore, Maryland and are a sixth year team. Firestorm 4 is a pure goal-manipulator (two goals) with a lot of torque.



Congrats, your team did really well at the NJ regional


Firestorm 4 / Team 007 finishes as 3rd seed at Johnson and Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional in NJ and goes into the second ranked alliance with 224 and 339. We came out flawlessly, winning every match through the finals. Awesome job 224 and 339, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Great Job Guys!!!

Sorry I’m a bit late, didn’t see this thread for awhile.
Yea, your bot is powerful as heck, gave us one helluva fight.
Definately your bot is the one to look out for.
Good job on winning the regionals, you guys deserved it.

Hey! I hear you guys are going to Nationals now! Congratulations. I hope that we have the opportunity to play a few matches with you guys down there, you guys have a really great robot.