Firing System

Whats the best way to shoot the ball into the goal for the Frc challenge?

Replies are greatly Appreciated

Put the ball into the goal

I second this.

And why are you asking this sooo late in the season? Do some research. Its all over the place.

There have been a number of great threads on launcher design so far this season - I suggest using the forum search function to find a few of them.

I doubt you’ll find any agreement on a “best” way, especially because that varies with your strategy.

In the future, you might want to try to pose more specific questions, and to see if there’s already a thread on the subject before making a new one.

I won’t claim it’s the best way, but every mechanism decision my team has made this year has included “Magic” as an option for implementation. It can be tricky and temperamental, but if it works it’s bound to win you an award! If you go down this path, don’t forget to make sure you do so within the rules!

If you haven’t found a way to shoot this late in the season, I would recommend foregoing a launcher of any kind, and focusing on building a robot that can play another role in the game.

Most teams will agree that the drivetrain should always be the #1 priority. Beyond that, being a good alliance partner is what counts for winning matches and getting picked for elims.

You don’t necessarily need to be the one to shoot the ball. With the 11 days left before you need to bag the robot, you could build a good catcher/assister with a solid drivetrain that scores in the 1pt goal, and hopefully even get in some driver practice. That would pay off much more than trying and failing to build a shooter bot.

We have been experimenting with Pixie Dust this year. The only issue we seem to not be able to overcome is the mess it leaves behind on the field carpet.
We may even have to add a vacuum cleaner to our drive chassis to try to keep the field clean. This would also make the Dust a sustainable item as we can recycle it from match to match. AND, it is not expressly prohibited in the rules. :yikes:

The best way would be consistently!

Otherwise, I’d say with a strong, fast launcher of your choosing. Anything slow is more likely to get interfered with.

I’m with the others here–you got less than 2 weeks left, and you’re looking to start building a launcher? IIRC, the Torbots got theirs up and running–at the end of Week 2 or so! (This did include several prototypes, but still…)

At this point, I would suggest building a catcher instead, with a method to quickly pass the ball off to a partner (and a quick intake if it isn’t already included). Missed shots could be killer if they aren’t caught and passed VERY quickly, and assists can make a huge difference.