FIRST 50 years ago / 50 years from now.

I was talking to some of 1257’s students about science fiction literature and thought that, FIRST is a type of science fiction. 50 years ago this type of thing could only have been fiction and yet it is. If you were to explain to someone in 1966, 3 years before the moon landing, that teenagers would have the capability do build machines complicated as the work done at NASA, with some equation overlap?

“Teenagers building complicated machinations to compete objectively against others of their kind for a coveted globally-recognized title, as their teams sponsors, each with their own goals and motivations watch from the sidelines. Who shall prevail?”

And on the other side is a question. Where do you think FIRST (and FRC specifically) will be in 50 years? Every home and school? Spanning the solar system? Objectively or wildly fantasy, where will FIRST and Competitive Robotics be?

Hover game.

50 years from now, the FRC will still be waiting and hoping for a water game. That’s my prediction.

I hope FIRST never does a water game. The meme is a part of FIRST; don’t they dare take that away from us.

It would be like Leo winning an oscar all over again

I hope that 50 years from now, FIRST is no longer required.

I don’t think FRC will ever be in every school. FTC/VEX/FLL probably, but FRC is just not scalable to that size.

In fifty years we can replay Lunacy.

On the Moon. :slight_smile:

The Google sponsored teams will be totally AI. CD will be discussing the merits of human only competitions to get humans back in STEM.

The mentor vs student built robots discussion will expand to mentor vs student vs robot built robots.

On a more serious note, hopefully the need for programs to encourage women to enter STEM fields will be a foreign concept.

Team 31416 will have a really fun PI pun for their team name.

Hopefully we will have gone base 16 by then and have 6E23.

Avogadrobots will become the new standard that teams will set themselves to.

In 50 years hopefully we have batteries that last more than 2 minutes! Imagine all the possibilities! (que transformers capability)

I’d rather have batteries that don’t weigh 14 pounds, but long lasting batteries would be nice. I can only imagine what other types of cool technology FRC students will be able to use 50 years from now.

I predict that in 50 years there will no longer be a bag day. :deadhorse:

In all seriousness, I think programming is going to get a lot easier in the next 5-10 years, manufacturing will get easier in the next 10-15, and beyond that, I’m not sure.

While it might sound bleak, I hope that in 50 years FIRST is no longer necessary and doesn’t exist because we as a society have integrated these ideas of valuing science, technology, math, and engineering into our educational system in a more fundamental way and we are preparing students to become professionals who take pride in their work, collaborate across boundaries, and work to raise the level for everyone in the world.

A boy can hope can’t he?

I predict that there will no longer be a machine shop shuttle driver, as the shuttles will drive themselves. :frowning: I think(hope) FIRST will still exist, but instead of being needed to get people interested in STEM, it will just be “for fun”(for lack of a better term).

In 50 years…

We might have actually convinced someone at FIRST that LiFePO4 batteries are a viable option.

We’ll have re-standardized on more “modern” 20 degree pressure angle gears.

We’re seriously considering issuing the game manual in only metric (but we’re still machining everything in imperial).

My team will finally get around to building a swerve drive.

Although it may not be necessary, it should still be around. Where else would kids go that want to do extracurricular activities that aren’t “the norm”. It shouldn’t go away, but be accepted just like football/soccer/basketball is right now. Some of the most fun I had as a high-schooler was in FIRST (I also played tennis and basketball).

In 50 years we will have grown to the point that we don’t just clean out Andymark and Vex during build season, we clean out McMaster.

In 50 years, Recycle Rush will be but a forgotten memory to all but those that participated. Those who did will have nightmares and flashbacks whenever they hear the name. Also, districts will be in every US state/region (except for Minnesota) and there will be five championships.