FIRST-A-Holic's Anonymous

For the new CD’ers that don’t know about it, and the old ones who have forgotten, I think the FIRST-A-Holic’s Anonymous Forum deserves a little attention. After some recent threads where the OP has been flamed after trying to keep their details anonymous only to be found out by their team number, some CD’ers may find this forum useful.

Any new thread started in the FIRST-A-Holic’s Anonymous Mailbox will be posted anonymously after moderator approval, but all replies will function as normal. Check out the FIRST-A-Holic’s Anonymous Mailbox FAQ.

I’m not a moderator, but might it also be appropriate for some controversial topics to go into the long-disused Moderated Discussion forum?

I agree. Instead of outright closing a thread, in some cases it should be moved to moderated discussion. Some of the more recent issues (Co-Op sabotage at GTR-E, compressor hi-jinks at NY, selection strategy at Buckeye) would benefit from some healthy moderated discussion without all the name-calling and hiding behind false identities.