FIRST-a-holics Anonymous

Posted by Lora Knepper.

Student on team #69, HYPER (Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics), from Quincy Public Schools and The Gillette Company.

Posted on 5/4/2000 3:53 PM MST

Hi everyone!

After Crosswinds unceremonious deleting of the Gateway that I had been running as a FIRST related site, I’ve found that not having a FIRST page just feels odd.

Sooo…building off Kate’s FIRST-a-holics Anonymous pins from the competition, I made the FIRST-a-holics Anonymous webpage. It has some of the old features of the Gateway (such as the AIM Registry…everyone who signed is still in there, if you need to update any information, please just sign in again) as well as a few new ones (a picture gallery that is growing and a story/poem archive).

If you get the chance, take a stroll over to
and check it out!

**NOTE: to those of you who hate banner ads, and don’t mind long URLs, head over to: