First account

Our mentor’s first account was blocked because I forgot my password. Can you helped us?

There is a way to reset your password and there should be two lead mentor accounts

we reset password but did not accept a new password

Sometimes the system can be a little finicky. Try to reseting the password / logging on at diffrent times of the day, or on a diffrent day if you can. If none of that works call them at


(603) 666-3906 or

(800) 871-8326


(603) 666-3907


Monday - Friday,

8:30 - 5:00 EST/EDT

Full moon works best for me


Yes. The FIRST accounts can be finicky. Several years ago, I was not able to change something simple. I ended up having to call FIRST HQ. They passed me to someone in IT(?) who had to make the change manually.