FIRST Acronyms

what does PWM stand for?

Pulse-width modulation

AM- AndyMark, a business started by Andy Baker and Mark Koors in 2004.
VCU- Shortened form of NASA/VCU regional. VCU stands for Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Yeah, you’re right. What’s the correct term then?[/quote]


FART- Foreign Ambassador to Robotics Teams

(a freshman designation)

Actually NO. The FSU (FIRST Standard Unit) is unit of TIME. It is a definition and reference to Dave Lavery’s speech (AFAICD first given at the 2008 St. Louis Regional in Week One).

According to Dave: 1 FSU = 6-1/2 (Six and a Half) Weeks. (AKA “one FIRST Build Cycle worth of time”.)

This was a part of Dave’s commentary on how FIRST has seriously invaded and impacted NASA’s way of doing business.

In essence, enough FIRST Alumni have started work at NASA to redefine how projects are done. Entire workgroups have appeared composed *totally *of FIRST alumni, so they took the initiative. They converted the project management culture into FSU blocks of time.

Amazingly, instead of projects taking quarters or years (as in the past), things are now organized and are getting done in one or more FSUs, because that’s how they were trained to work by participating in FIRST contests.

It was a fascinating commentary on how this “little program” has managed to “complete the loop”. Instead of just the sponsors impacting our methods, we are now impacting the SPONSORS’ work culture.

(Dave, I hope I’ve summarized this correctly! Please feel free to fix my explanation.)

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Thanks for the info and it looks like a very interesting speech, I had not heard that speech I was just making something up.:smiley:

one that i heard alot was IR-Infered

In Milwaukee:

MVL (Milwaukee Vex League)
MMVC (Milwaukee Mentor Vex Competition)
MFSO (Milwaukee FIRST Support Organization)

Yup, and he mentioned this at the VCU regional (week 2).

Here’s a couple defs,

EI: Engineering Inspiration
WWT: “What was that?” generally said after____occurs on the field.

Uh… Actually, it is not “inferred”…

It should be the two syllable “Infra” “Red” (or nowadays, often simply spelled “infrared”).

It’s an adjective meaning: “Designating or of those invisible rays just beyond the red end of the visible spectrum: their waves are longer than those of the spectrum colors but shorter than radio waves, and have a penetrating heating effect: used in cooking, photography, etc.” (Attribute: definition courtesy of

In our case, it is often referring to the invisible light typically given off by things like TV remote controls (for data communications purposes), or Sharp IR distance sensors.

I hope this helps!

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PFP-Purdue FIRST Programs

Time to bring this thread back for the upcoming season.

NI = National Instruments

cRIO = Compact Reconfigurable Input Output (YAY Robot Brain!!!)

BE# = Brunswick Eruption number.

11/01/08 = BE7

by the same token: KK = Kettering Kickoff

Also, KK = Krispy Kreme… :smiley:

From the programming world…

LV = LabView
C = C

Going back to recursive acronyms and the like, what would FRC/FTC/FLL (FIRST whatever whatever) be? An acronymed acronym?

FLL reminds me of the kids too young for FJLL: PKFLL! :]

What about the PARC (PA Robot Challenge)? In Tunkhannock, PA…

Okay, had to chime in:

P^7 = Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance

No substitutes please ! !

WFFA - Woodie Flowers Finalist Award
GA - Game Announcer
MC - Emcee (yes, that is the actual word)
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