As FRC Teams, there really isn’t a “How To” on getting a teams started and all the components that go into being an FRC team. You’re in luck! KAOTIC Robotics has worked hard to create just that! We encourage all rookies to use this guide to help them start and sustain their team. This isn’t just for rookies though! It can also help anyone needing a tip or two! This manual does not touch on everything within FRC, but it can help with the more important aspects. We encourage you email us with additions or corrections that may be useful to your team or others! We would also like your thoughts on the manual! We will be releasing this" FIRST Aid Kit" tomorrow so keep your eye out! There will be a YouTube channel you can follow to obtain an audio book and where you can ask questions. We will post videos answering commonly asked questions and explaining the sections in the manual in more detail at a later date. While you at it visit or website and follow any of our social meadia where will post updates! (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) Thank you!!!


This “How To” manual will be posted within the next 24 hours!!

My safety captain (who regularly lurks here on CD) is going to be highly disappointed after clicking into this thread!


This is the “How to” manual! Go check it out on our website!

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You’re in luck! In this manual, there is a bit on safety that the Safety Captain can look at! Though it isn’t in depth, it touches on the important aspects of safety.

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