FIRST Alumni a Living-Donor & Weekly Updates - FIRST Updates, Now

An Alumni desperately is looking for a living-donor transplant, FTC Challenge App Updates, the FRC Safety Award is dead and more. Catch up on what you may have missed the last week in FTC and FRC with FIRST Updates, Now:

Audio Podcast wherever you may find them or

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Two suggestions:

  1. The title is a bit click baity – I’d suspect you’d get more views if the title reflected the actual need for a donor.

  2. Given the seriousness of the donor component of this, I would think it at least warrants its own explanation in this thread and isn’t lumped together with everything else. “Watch my video to see how can help” is off-putting, to me, and I wouldn’t want to reduce exposure to this story.


Appreciate your feedback.

As stated in the video we’ve already shared the FB post prior and Phillip was aware that this would be as a segment in a produced video about FIRST updates.

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