FIRST Alumni at Virginia Tech

Calling all FIRST alumni that go to Virginia Tech or are located in the area of Virginia Tech:

I am starting a FIRST alumni association in direct partnership with Pattie Cook (VirginiaFIRST) with the help from Alex E. from team 1311. We are having a meet and greet in Randolph Hall room 209 on Friday 21 Oct 2011 at 4PM. There will be pizza provided.

The idea behind this is to create a better and closer knit FIRST community at VT. This organization will serve as a way for everyone to stay connected, get help with studies, find out about local FIRST events, and much more.

Hopefully people can attend, and because of relatively late notice we are asking that anyone who knows anyone in the area of VT, please contact them to inform them of the event.

There is a local team, FRC401, that relies heavily on VT students as mentors. I have also recently received news that a rookie team is being started in the Roanoke area as is looking for mentors as well.

So, if you or someone know is in the area of Blacksburg on Friday, 21 Oct 2011 at 4PM please stop by Randolph Hall room 209 to help build and grow the FIRST community at VT.

Tim Miedzinski

Here the flier if you want to send a quick email.

Also, if you are attending, please respond to:



Sent a few messages to former 2068 students who are down at VT, hopefully they get in touch with you shortly.

Two recent graduates of Team 11 at VT know of the team, and are thinking of looking into it. I’ll let them know of this meeting.

Could the school maybe even end up getting a CARD team out of this?

At this point, who knows. What all we do is still somewhat up in the air. Like Tim mentioned, we know we want to create a community here to support FIRST alumni and FIRST in the area.

I’ve thought about CARD, but don’t know much about it yet. I’m just watching to see what comes of it. I know VT already has some aerial robotics groups.

Well it sounds like you already have the basics of CARD down :wink:

Since this is a hokie thread, I have a request…

I need a list of VT students or alumni that have EVER been on a Georgia team or have been on a team that has attended the Peachtree EVER.

The Peachtree Regional is coming up on its tenth anniversary and we gotta do some celebrating.

Please PM me the info.

I will be out of town for that meeting. Whom can I contact to get more information about this group? I am very interested in helping the new team in Roanoke.


We will definitely put this on the agenda. It was something I was considering, but didn’t have a lot of known support on campus. Now one of the problem is fixed, time to change the other.

Ed, we will most definitely get you a list of the members and their teams that have competed in the Peachtree Regional. Maybe this something we should start for all Regionals…

On a side note, if anyone has any specific topics they would like covered please let us know on here or via email (

Friendly reminder of today’s event.

If you are free between 4-6PM today, swing by Randolph Hall room 209

If you are looking to create a community to support FIRST alumni, then a card team might be a valid solution, as it demonstrates your continued involvement in FIRST. It may also be recognized by other FIRST alumni around the further area, which could increase the size of your community; Just giving a couple of ideas.

If you do end up making a CARD team, feel free to shoot me a PM if you need more information. We started a CARD team in our area, and we are getting to know the program more thoroughly. :slight_smile: