FIRST Alumni Collegiate Ri3D Competition 2020

Collegiate and partial-collegiate Ri3D teams, join us for round 2 of the FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition (FACC)! We’ll add more information here as we get it, but the sign up form is all we’ve got right now!

Update 9/4: The competition will be at Ferris State University, in late January or early February 2020. If your Ri3D team has a strong preference for a certain weekend, let FACC know: We’re also working on getting a little more clarification for the volunteer profile section.


Update 9/19: The email we copied above has a typo! Here’s the correct email:

The organizers are asking that every Ri3D team member complete 10 hours of volunteer time with FIRST. They’re asking that team members track their hours at on their volunteer profile. Offseason volunteer hours, which can’t be tracked in this tool, can be reported separately and count towards the 10 hours requirement.

Update 9/30: FACC’s 2020 Competition rules! FACC Rules 2020.pdf (67.3 KB)

It also sounds like there should be a website up and running in the next few weeks.