FIRST Alumni Collegiate Ri3D Competition 2022 - Archives Posted - Behind the Bumpers Videos

Watch the live stream: Twitch

FACC is back with another Ri3D competition (plus a FRC team I hear) this Saturday from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI! This is a great opportunity to catch multiple robots on a Rapid React field at the same time!

Schedule of events (all times US Eastern). Subject to change.
10:30am - Opening Ceremonies
11am-3pm Matches
3:30pm Awards

I don’t have a team list but I believe they are expecting 6 teams and will update when this becomes available.

Hope you can catch the stream! We’ll have matches archived at as well.


Field is setup for tomorrow!


Is there a match schedule available?

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Is the stream live right now? Or starting soon?

We’re live with Rapid React pre-season!

Match schedule we will try to get up but with 6 teams they are playing each match. Estimating 15-20 minute match rotations.

111 = FAMNM (U of M)
444 = FMS (MSU)
555 = The Bulldogs (Kettering)
998 = Zone for Engineering Mentors (MEZ)
999 = Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ)
5116 = FRC 5166

Times are already subject to change.

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To no surprise the event is behind but that means we should be on until 4pm eastern come watch :slight_smile:

Match 1 - ?
Match 2 - 16 Blue 18 Red
Match 3 - 20 27
Match 4- 17 19
Match 5 - 12 8
Match 6 - 4 17
Match 7 - 25 16
Match 8 - 17 11
Match 9 - 18 16
Match 10 - 20 16


Archive on YouTube will be up tomorrow or Monday.

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I watched a few of the matches and I was wondering if someone that was there could answer a few questions.

Fully recognizing that was a Week -2 event. I was impressed with the play. I did notice that there were a few misses to the upper hub. Was that because of variations to the cargo or teams just haven’t tuned their shooter yet.

Also, a team had the everybot climber but I didn’t see that team climb. (It may have been a match I missed) Was there a reason for that?

Thanks again, and I look forward to watching the matches on YouTube.

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People who had the chance to tune in: any important takeaways?

I didn’t tune in live but watched a few matches from the Twitch stream today.

  • Balls were a lot more densely populated on the field than I envisioned. Lots of opportunities to collect the wrong color ball.

  • A 3 ball auto + Traverse Climb would’ve single handedly won every single match.

  • The robots that competed were bad.

  • Climbs won matches

  • Lot of bounceouts, but also none of the shooters were good so it’s hard to tell a lot about this

  • Balls frequently congregated around the edge of the field

Overall I’d say the play was probably comparable to the first few matches of typical week 1 events. Thanks to those that put it on! It was cool to see live robot play again with a new game.


And to think that 12 points are a “give me” if the 6 teams taxi… subtract 12 from each match combined score for the real gameplay impacts of six teams

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We watched about half of the matches.


  • FRC is harder than most think! Watched this with some of our team while doing drive practice and it is comforting to be able to show them that university students struggle too!

  • Agree that it is hard to take much from this, as it is not a “real field” but a wooden replica, so dynamics are not as exact as the official field would be. Saw a cargo get stuck exiting the high HUB…caught on the peg at the end of the ramp and just sitting there. Wonder if that is a thing in the real field or if the tips of the ramp are sloped to prevent that.

  • few climbs, even the team with the Everybot could not execute the passive wedge climb though we do not know what their intent was

  • high goal shots were inconsistent…wonder if this was the shooters or variations in the cargo that caused that…would be interesting to hear from someone who was there

  • few attempted low goal

  • difficult to judge dynamics of how the cargo flows and gets distributed with so few cycles (what I was hoping to see) but cargo scarcity is not an issue with very low cycles

  • fewer bounce outs than I would have though…again, not true field so hard to judge vs real competition

First 5 matches of the FACC competition are up. Rest will be up soon. Match 1-2 are probably the best between robot play and camera issues:


I was the driver for the Kettering bot at this competition, so thought I could provide some unique insights from actually driving on-field.

  • As you probably expected, sightlines get pretty iffy on the other side of the field with the upper hub in the way. Balls on the back-right field wall were practically invisible from the left driver station, and vice-versa.

  • Because balls are easier to pick up and score from your side of the field, they’ll start to migrate to the other side of the field over the course of the match. Makes the aforementioned sightlines harder to deal with.

  • Climbing visuals were much easier than I expected. From any driver station, it wasn’t too hard to put your robot in position quickly (although we had a fairly tolerant mid rung hangar; take that with a pretty big grain of salt if your robot needs micron precision to set up your transverse climb)

  • The hangar zone does have the potential to get pretty congested; make sure you coordinate climb timings, positions, and entry points (are you coming in from the front or side?) with your alliance partners before the match. Two robots on the mid rung is pretty easy with a bit of planning.

  • Due to the way the balls tend to collect together on the field, it’s easier than you might think to collect an opposite-colored cargo. Have a plan in place to get those out of your robot, even if it’s just running the shooter.

  • Defense has the potential to really throw off your shots if you’re not shooting from a safe zone (against the hangar) or against a physical barrier that’ll stop them from turning your robot (mainly against the upper hub, possibly against the field wall). Make sure you have the option to do at least one of those.

Happy to answer any questions. It’s a very fun game to actually play - excited to see robots hit the field that had more than 72 hours to tune :slight_smile:


I noticed that a couple of the Kettering shot sequences was one cargo in the high and the second in the low hub. Was that on purpose and, if so, did you feel cargo collisions would be an issue?

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All matches are now up on YouTube. By quick glance the best ones to watch seem to be 2, 6, 8 & 9 between robot and camera.

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Definitely not on purpose. We were running a pretty crude open-loop controller on our shooter, we didn’t have much mass on our flywheels, and our indexer to shooter transition was a bit scrappy; all of those combined to cause those weird shot sequences.

I’m not sure how much of an issue cargo collisions are going to cause. My gut says not too much, but that upper hub was non-negligibly different from a real field one (plywood rings vs. solid polycarbonate) - will definitely need to be tested.

They attempted in match 8. I know this robot didn’t play in a few matches.