FIRST Alumni Kim Day as a Google Intern

Hey CD community,

I just posted a story on FRCNation of a girl named Kim Day who was a FIRST alumni and is now a Google Intern. It is a really cool article and I think it represents how much FIRST actually contributes to students. Everyone reading this can go far in life if they work hard!

Article link:

I hope this encourages someone!

Great video, thanks for sharing !

I’m so pumped to see where my FIRST experience will be able to take me - hopefully something as great as a google internship :smiley:

That video’s pretty old now. I’m sure she’s on to bigger and better things, if not at Google then somewhere else. I know of a few interns who I work with that are ex-FRC/FTC. James Carr (jcarr) and I are both mentors on 5499 and at Google this summer (MTV/NYC). Feel free to shoot us a PM if you’ve got any questions!

One of our 2013 graduates, Matt, left Slidell for LA Tech (Woodie’s Alma Mater), but left quickly and wound up at Google for a while and who knows where by now; haven’t heard back in over a year.