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Posted by Robby O at 05/11/2001 10:01 PM EST

College Student on team #108, with the FIRST crew as a Volunteer, from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Motorola.

One of the things I havent really seen too much with FIRST was an expansion of it into the Media/Graphic Design/Digital Entertainment area. Granted that the majority of us are all geeks who like to tinker more with robots than artsy-fartsy shtuff, but a lot of good CREATIVE ideas have been tossed around on these boards and little has been done with them.

I’ve posted the FIRST logo-mods that I’ve come up with to the MISC category of the gallery. Look for my “BIG BROTHER” and “SURVIVOR” / FIRST logo mods to come out soon (like when the break hits for my college). But there’s a lot more that can be done. Right now I’m hoping to achieve some of it with the FIRSTanimators group.

I’ve been a little bogged down with thoughts so I havent gotten active yet. Call it, I suppose, that little voice that keeps telling me “Who am I to tell the direction that the animators should go in” but that’s going to break soon, and I’ll get crackin with the media ideas.

What I would like to see more is people releasing thier logos as high-quality backgrounds. Creating simplistic games in flash, and other goofy animations. Comic strips written and aimed at our group. All posted here. May I request a Media forum, Mr. Webmaster? But there’s my idea.

I know it goes on to an extent at individual webpages, but I really would like to see so much more. Dont take offense if you are one of those teams already doing that, or if you are a team who hasnt done it yet. This isnt meant to upset anyone just generate some ideas. Post your buttons in a button gallery (WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE) so those unlucky enough to collect a team’s button can download and make thier own.

Also, to be honest, in some cases heavy graphic design is not needed. I absolutely love the “100% dork” buttons Kate and Colleen gave me (thanks for everything you two!!!). The simplicity of the text really make it work. In some cases, all that is needed is an idea. If you know you cant produce the product you have in mind, share the idea so that others who can will.

We do need a media forum. Or perhaps a whole web page. Anyone willing? There’s always sharingFIRST as well. If I had an ego I would be freaking out about someone starting a FIRST media page before me but I dont. Anyone with the server space and time go for it! Just lets get more organized than the craziness that happened with the databases this year.

And my suggestion is NO TEAM AFFILIATIONS! We shouldnt be advertising that “Hey, this is my team and look at what we created” cause that causes other teams to spawn off and do that same thing (though I do gotta say CD made this forum work B^). Make it a FIRST community thing. Not an idividual work.

Whew. Okay. My ranting is done. Any comments? Ideas? Opinions? Collaborations??? Email me if you are interested in this or in FIRSTanimators.

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator
[email protected]

Posted by Lora Knepper at 05/11/2001 10:08 PM EST

Other on team #177, Bobcat Robotics - Adoptee, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

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Posted by Robby O on 05/11/2001 10:01 PM EST:

I’m loving your ideas Robby! I agree, there should be more available for the artistically inclined FIRSTers out there. I’m not sure what more I can say to that, then if you need any help, I’m more than willing. I’m currently the webmaster of a few FIRST sites (yes…that will be getting updated as soon as school is out) And I will be the first to say that outside of a few things, 3DS Max and I don’t get along well…but I’m willing to support you in whatever way I can :o)

~ lora